China Crop Protection Summit 2012 Conference information


Date: March 8th – March 9th, 2012

Venue: Ramada Plaza Gateway Shanghai, China

Organizer: CCM International


Conference Highlights:

Chairman: Roman Macaya, Vice-President, AgroCare



Process technology for producing agrochemical actives - the foundation for profitable business

Dr. Peter Nightingale, Director, Development Chemicals Ltd.

Dr. Robert Bryant, Agranova, Development Chemicals Ltd.


Conference Topic

1. Bright Prospect for Strobilurin Fungicides in China
2. Market Situation and Future Trend of Bio-pesticides in China
3. Attractiveness of Foliar Fertilizer Market in China
4. 21st Century of Fluorine-containing Pesticides
5. Market Situation and Opportunity of Non-crop Pesticides in China
6. Status of Indian Agrochemical Industry and Development Trends  
7. Identify the Latest EC Formulations Policy
8. China’s Pesticide Export and Import 2011  
9. Advance of Waste Treatment Technology for Organophosphorus Pesticides  
10. Current Situation and Governmental Solution of Agricultural Environment in China
11. China's Food Security and Its Future Trend of Agriculture
12. What is Relationship Marketing? How do Chinese Agriculture Input Retailers Build Guanxi with Farmers?
13. Understand the Latest Policy for China's Seed Industry
14. How to Develop Seed Coatings in China
15. Driving Forces that are Changing Crop Protection Markets
16. BioPesticide Industry- Global Challenges and Opportunities


Renowned Expert Speakers:

Mr. Gregory A. Hanger, Business Development Leader, Dow AgroSciences LLC

Jinyu Zhang, Business Manager, BASF

Dr. Venkatesh Devanur, Managing Director, SOM Phytopharma (India) Limited

Yifa Wang, Professor, Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Cong Zhang, Professor, China Agricultural University

Fuliang Chen, Professor, Plant Protection Institute of CAAS

Yueli Zhang, Registered Consulting Engineer, China National Chemical Corporation

Shicheng Wang, General Manager, Beijing Xinhefeng Agrochemical Co., Ltd.

Qingsong Wang, Vice General Manager, Shanghai HeBen-EastSun Medicaments Co., Ltd.

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