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Minimal content unit conveys a single idea, story, definition, etc., contains text, figure, table and picture, delivers information efficiently in multi-dimension. More >>

Service Sample( Text / Figure / Table / Group )

Online datasets verified and qualified, traditionally formatted but well consolidated, presenting intelligently the various aspects of market. More >>

Service Sample( 1 / 2 )

Executive summary:The key facts, findings and conclusions abstracted from a full market research report. More >>
Full reports:Comprehensive, in-depth and accurate publications initiated on request and/or updated regularly by professionals and authors. More >>

Service Sample( 1 / 2 )

Trade magazines published periodically, online and real time, insightful with precise analysis, reporting the market dynamics by professional journalists. More >>

Service Sample( 1 / 2 )

Enterprise-centered company research and analysis that help you know more about current and potential competitors or the target company. More >>

Service Sample

Import/Export analysis & reporting

  • Snap shot I/E reports

    A summary of detailed I/E analysis report with consolidated data in table form from the aspects of value, price, manufacturer, etc.

    Service Sample

  • Detailed I/E reports

    Intelligent and based on customs data, the trade analysis is much more than an import/export data or shipping record, it also identifies and maps the internal relations between products, manufacturers, traders and buyers

    Service Sample

Packaged database solutions

Consultancy & core competencies

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