Conference Outline

Section 1: Commercial Opportunities on Particular Areas

Topic 1: Bright Prospect for Strobilurin Fungicides in China

-Development of off-patent strobilurin fungicides in China

-China's R&D of strobilurin fungicides

-China's demand for strobilurin fungicides

-Prospect for strobilurin fungicides in the future

Topic 2: Market Situation and Future Trend of Bio-pesticides in China

-Current market situation of bio-pesticide

-Bio-pesticide R&D in China

-Drivers for bio-pesticide’s fast development

-Prospect of bio-pesticide development


Topic 3: Attractiveness of Foliar Fertilizer Market in China

-Balance fertilization: the mechanism and benefits of folia fertilizers;

-Similarities and differences between aggressing and foliar fertilizers on field performance;

-Marketing methodsof marketing foliarfertilizers in China


Topic 4: 21st Century of Fluorine-containing Pesticides

-Features of Fluorine Chemistry

-Introduction of Fluorine-containing Pesticides and Their Intermediates

-Introduction of SINOFLUORO Company and Its Technology


Topic 5: Market Situation and Opportunity of Non-crop Products in China

-Global perspective of global non-crop markets

-Segments and market size of non-crop markets in China

-Experience in marketing of non-crop products in China


Topic 6: Status of Indian Agrochemical Industry and Development Trends
-China – India cooperation and collaboration
-Current Indian Agrochemical Market, from the aspects of distribution, changing product portfolio, use, consumption, OECD GLP status, contract manufacturing, financial performance, etc.
-Status and SWOT analysis of Indian agrochemical companies
-R&D environment and activities in India
-Environment protection in Indian agrochemical companies
-Developing effective competitive strategies for Indian agrochemical companies
-Pesticide registrations in India
-Case studies of a few Indian agrochemical companies
-Future outlook of agrochemical industry in India


Section 2: Latest Dynamic and Challenges

Topic 7: Identify the Latest EC Formulations Policy

-Market situation of EC formulations in China

-New EC formulations policy from MIIT and MOA

-How it is going to work on the development of EC formulations

-R&D of substitutes and development of eco-friendly solvents for EC formulations


Topic 8: China's Pesticide Export and Import 2011

-Overview of pesticide export and import situation in 2011

-New feature of China’s pesticide import and export

-Projection of China's pesticide export and import in 2012


Topic 9: Advance of Waste Treatment Technology for Organophosphorus Pesticides

-Market situation of organophosphorus pesticides in China

-Advance of waste treatment technology for organophosphorus pesticides

-Problems and possible solutions 


Topic 10: Current Situation and Governmental Solution of Agricultural Environment in China

-Current Situation of Agricultural Environment in China

-Regulations and Standards of Agricultural Environment in China

-Protective Solution and Measure of Agricultural Environment


Topic 11: China's Food Security and Its Future Trend of Agriculture

-Current status and challenges of food security in China
-Potential of increasing grain production in China
-Over-reliance on chemical fertilizers and pesticides unsustainable
-Will genetically modified products lead the future of China’s agriculture industry?
-Future of ecological agriculture


Topic 12: What is Relationship Marketing? How do Chinese Agriculture Input Retailers Build Guanxi with Farmers?

-What are the different categories of relationship between agricultural input retailers and farmers?

-What are the solutions to the present and future challenges from agricultural input retailer's perspectives?

-How to conduct Relationship Marketing at a short or long term solution to meet the major challenges for retailing businesses in the Chinese agricultural input market?


Topic 13: Understand the Latest Policy for China's Seed Industry

-The latest change for "Production and management Licensing Regulations for seed industry"

-Its impact on domestic seed industry

-How should oversea seed company face the new policy? (Ownership structure especially)


Topic 14: How to Develop Seed Coatings in China

-Current situation of seed coating in China

-Key companies for this market

-Government’s policy and future trend for seed coating

-Strategy for development seed coatings in China


 Section 3: Hotspots in Global Crop Protection Industry   

Topic 15: BioPesticide Industry- Global Challenges and Opportunities

-Current Situation of Global Biopesticide




Topic 16: Driving Forces that are Changing Crop Protection Markets

Over the past decade the global crop protection market has been going through dramatic transformation brought about by the impact of biotechnology alternatives, changes in regulatory requirements, pest resistances, pest shifts, and other key drivers.  Dramatic change will continue throughout the foreseeable future and our industry will need to learn to anticipate and adapt.  There are several key driving forces that have and will continue to force change throughout all levels of the food and feed production chain.  These driving forces can also provide direction as to the level of innovation and critical attributes that will be required to meet customer demands in the future.  This talk will review some of the key driving forces and how they will shape future customer needs which our industry will need to and can successfully address.