Product Life Cycle Model

Product Life Cycle is a business analysis that attempts to identify a set of common stages, including infancy period, growth period, mature period and degeneration period, in the life of commercial products.

Sample of CCM’s research on life cycle of glyphosate 10% SL in China 

Sample of CCM’s research on life cycle of feed pigment in China 

Industry Concentration Ratio (HI index)

In economics, a concentration ratio is a measure of the total output produced in an industry by a given number of firms in the industry. The concentration ratio indicates whether an industry is comprised of a few large firms or many small firms. Low concentration ratio in an industry would indicate greater competition among the firms in that industry than one with a ratio nearing 100%, which would be evident in an industry characterized by a true monopoly. The Herfindahl index (HI index), another indicator of firm size, has a fair amount of correlation to the concentration ratio.