Since China is the second largest holder of phosphorus ore resources in the world, the development of China’s phosphorus industry is influential for global phosphorus business. To help industry players keep updated with valuable intelligence throughout the whole phosphorus industry chain, CCM has assembled a team of consultants, who are specialized in conducting all-round market research and business analysis services on different sectors of the phosphorus industry chain, from feedstock supply, to processing, application, logistics and demand. Among which, the deep research of yellow phosphorus and global market of yellow phosphorus have become CCM’s advantages. 

Moreover, with increasingly rapid development and fierce competition, China’s phosphorus industry will be facing many opportunities and challenges. Discovering the emerging or hidden opportunities, competitions, risks and trends in the phosphorus industry will be your company’s most important consideration in the development of, or investment in. the phosphorus industry. By cooperating with CCM, you will obtain the best solution.