With professional experience in market research for China’s agricultural industry, CCM has proven capabilities in gathering detailed information from a variety of sources and using this information to construct an appropriate consultancy service for our clients.


Crop production

Crop production is a vital sector of China’s agricultural industry. With the increasing consolidation of the agri business industry, we realize that competitive intelligence is both increasingly critical to have and increasingly difficult to obtain. In accumulating a wealth of experience, information resources, research approaches & methods, we can assist our clients to acquire the intelligence that is essential for their decision making.


CCM’s consulting service for crop production primarily focuses on the following sectors:

  • Grain and oil planting

  • Crops production

  • GM crops

  • Seed

  • Grain processing

  • Oil crops

  • Agricultural environment (e.g. climate, water resources, soil, etc.)


Food processing

We are committed to deep data analysis of the industry, helping our clients determine the feasibilities of investment in China’s crop production market as well as, opportunities and threats that might arise in their business.


Animal husbandry

China’s output of animal products has been respectively world leading. CCM’s research scope in animal husbandry sector covers feed, veterinary drugs, livestock breeding & farming, livestock slaughter, meat processing, and meat circulation. CCM’s advantage lies on the ability to go deeper, from macroscopic statistic to microscopic data aggregation, value chain analysis, consumption research, and other in-depth researches.


Main products:

  • Swine

  • Cow

  • Sheep

  • Poultry

  • Feed & feed additive

  • Veterinary drugs

  • Etc.


Taking the pig industry as an example, CCM’s survey covers each sector in the whole pig industry value chain.