Company Specific

We offer “Company Specific” consultancy services, which cover the full range of detailed business intelligence about specific companies. By conducting a complete survey on a given company’s financial status, cost structure, stakeholder's performance, and other aspects of intelligence, we can help you get a full understanding of the particular company, which might be your competitor, business partner, investment target, etc. 

What we can do includes:

  • Gathering competitive intelligence on potential business partners of your company, which can help you conduct successful negotiations;

  • Collecting detailed information on current and potential competitors of your company to help you in your strategic planning;

  • Providing detailed intelligence on your target company’s financial and credit situation to help you make a sound decision in your investment, mergers & acquisitions and other investment initiatives; 

  • Aiding you in getting a better understanding of your company’s actual situation in terms of profit, cost, competitiveness, etc. and advising your company how to enhance your competitive advantages in related aspects;

Click here for a sample of company-specific analysis conducted by us.