New Registrations of Pesticide Technical in China in 2022

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This report provides an overview of the new registrations of pesticide technical in China in 2022. According to ICAMA & CCM, during the period of 2022, a total of 706 pesticide products were approved in China, all in full or export-only registration with an expiry term of 5 years. Among them, 77 were newly registered pesticide technicals, applied by registrants located in seven regions in China. It introduces the new full registrations of herbicide, insecticide and fungicide technicals and newly added export-only TC/TKs in details. In addition, it also presents first registration of new active ingredients for pesticide technical in China during the year.

So this report can reflect the development status of the pesticide industry in China and guide investment and business movements for the upstream players who pay close attention to the industry or try to find opportunities from it.

What's about the number of new registrations of pesticide technical by different pesticide category? How about the number of new registrations by different toxicity level? How many pesticide active ingredients were included in the new registrations of pesticide technical? Which enterprise had the most new registrations? And how about the foreign enterprises registered in China? In this report, you will find the answers to the questions above, and to some more.

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