Production and Market of Cresols in China

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Cresols, as key fine chemical intermediates, play an important role in producing antioxidant, Vitamin E, pesticides, flavor and so on. After fast development in last ten years, China’s para-cresol and cresol mixture have been self-supplied. However, 40% meta-cresol and ortho-cresol consumption in total still depends on import. As of August 2009, about 47 manufacturers are engaged in cresol production in China. What are differences between the past and current cresol production situation? What factors have caused these differences? How about the future trend?

China exports a small volume of para-cresol every year, but has to import large meta-cresol and ortho-cresol to meet domestic demand. What changes have taken place in cresol import and export in the past five years?

In China, para-cresol is mainly used in antioxidant BHT, 2246, pesticides; meta-cresol is mostly consumed on VE, pesticides, thermosensitive dyes; MCPA, ortho-cresol is mainly used in salicylic aldehyde, O-Methyl salicylic acid. What is the consumption ratio of each downstream industry? Will new consumption field appear in the coming years?

To answer these questions, CCM conducts a comprehensive and in-deep investigation on China’s cresol market. Besides, you will also find answers to the following questions in this report:

- What is the situation of cresols production in China?
- How about import and export situation of cresol products in 2008 to H1 2009?
- What is the market value of China’s cresol industry?
- What are the consumption fields of each cresol product, and how will they change in the future?
- What about competitive landscape of China’s cresol industry and strategies of multinational companies?
- What is the future prospect of cresol products?

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