A batch of GM corn and soybean pass preliminary examination for crop variety validation 11-01-2023

On 17 Oct., China's Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affair released the genetically modified (GM) corn and soybean varieties that had been initially approved at the 4th Variety Validation Meeting of the 5th National Crop Variety Validation Committee, for a publicity period of 30 days (from 17 Oct. 2023 to 15 Nov. 2023).

  • Corn: 37 GM corn varieties passed preliminary examination, including Yufeng 303D, Zhongkeyu 505D, Denghai 605D, Zhengdan 958GK, etc. Some companies got several varieties in first instance. For example, 6 varieties are from Beijing Lantron Seed Co., Ltd., and 4 are from China National Seed Group Co., Ltd.
  • Soybean: 14 GM soybean varieties passed preliminary examination, such as Maiyu 526, Zhongliandou 1505, etc. The applicants include the Institute of Crop Sciences (Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences), the Soybean Research Institute of the Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and Beijing Dabeinong Biotechnology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Beijing Dabeinong Technology Group Co., Ltd.

    This is the most important progress after the safety certificates for corn and soybean transgenic technology, which means one step closer to commercial promotion for GM products. However, after the above varieties have passed validation, their actual planting shall be also arranged in line with the requirements for the industrialisation of national bio-breeding.


    More information can be found at CCM Glyphosate China Monthly Report.

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