CCM: Supply, demand and prices of late season crop seeds in Guangdong in 2016 07-28-2016

1. Supply, demand and price of hybrid rice seeds

In 2016, supply of hybrid rice seeds continues to excess demand and market price remains flat in China, according to the Ministry of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China (MOA). In Guangdong Province, supply and demand of late-season seeds (usually planted during July-Sept.) is essentially in balance and price is quite stable.

Source: Baidu


- Predicted planting area: 600,000 ha (8.95 million mu)

- Demand: about 9 million kg

- Supply: about 9 million kg, including:

  • About 4.8 million kg produced in around 2,000 ha (30,000 mu) of seed production areas in South China Breeding Centre and in Guangdong in last winter and this spring
  • Roughly 3.2 million kg from local seed enterprises’ inventories
  • Approximately 1 million kg sold by seed enterprises from other province

- Retail prices: flat essentially

  • Tianyou series, Huayou series and Wuyou series: USD7.52-9.02/kg (RMB50-60/kg)
  • New approved varieties such as Hengfengyou series and Shenyou series: USD9.02-10.53/kg (RMB60-70/kg)
  • Some high-end and tight-supply varieties: USD10.53-12.03/kg (RMB70-80/kg)

2. Supply, demand and price of hybrid corn seeds


Currently, inventory of corn seeds is quite large in China, presenting an oversupply trend. In Guangdong Province, supply of seeds to be planted in autumn can meet market demand.



- Predicted planting area: about 61,333 ha (920,000 mu), including:

  • Sweet corn: 38,000 ha (570,000 mu)
  • Waxy corn: 11,333 ha (170,000 mu)
  • Conventional hybrid corn: 12,000 ha (180,000 mu)

- Demand: about 900,000 kg

- Retail prices:

  • Sweet seeds: down slightly YoY affected by the falling fresh corn price; specialties in Guangdong, such as Xinmeixiazhen, Huameitian168 and Yuetian9 reaching USD11.28-22.56/kg (RMB75-100/kg)
  • Conventional corn seeds: flat, at USD3.76-6.02/kg (RMB25-40/kg)
  • Waxy corn: down slightly YoY affected by the falling fresh corn price, at USD9.02-15.04/kg (RMB60-100/kg)


3. Supply, demand and price of peanut seeds


- Predicted planting area in autumn: about 110,000 ha (1.70 million mu)

- Demand: around 20.80 million kg

- Supply: balanced with demand, including:

  • About 8 million kg from seed enterprises, 40% of the total demand;
  • The left from farmers

- Price: basically flat over last year and stable, at about USD2.71-3.61/kg (RMB18-24/kg)


4. Supply, demand and price of vegetable seeds


Vegetables mainly planted in autumn in Guangdong: leafy vegetables, solanaceous fruits, beans and cabbages.

- Predicted planting area: 370,000 ha (5.50 million mu)

- Supply: sufficient; large inventory due to declining economic benefits from planting vegetables

- Price: down slightly YoY

(1) Bean seeds: drop the most significantly, about 20%, to USD4.51-6.02/kg (RMB30-40/kg)

(2) Others (wholesale prices):

  • Chinese flowering cabbage seeds: USD4.51-6.02/kg (RMB30-40/kg)
  • Hybrid cabbage mustard seeds: USD105.27-120.31/kg (RMB700-800/kg)
  • Bitter melon seeds: USD135.35-225.58/kg (RMB900-1,500/kg)
  • Pepper seeds: USD300.77-451.15/kg (RMB2,000-3,000/kg)
  • Eggplant seeds: USD661.69-751.92/kg (RMB4,400-5,000/kg)


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