China Seed Workshop 2012 Outline

1. Seed Policy Interpretation

- What is the effectiveness of the "Suggestions" after one year of implement?

- What kind of strategies will be implemented according the "Ten-Year Plan"?

- What reforms and innovations will take place in China’s seed industry with the release of the "Ten-Year Plan"?

- What kind of influence the "Ten-Year Plan" will make on domestic seed enterprises?

2. Development Trend of Vegetable Industrial Seedling Industry

- What's the future trend of vegetable industrial seedling industry in China?

- How will it affect the development of China’s vegetable seed industry?

- What kind of opportunities and challenges lie ahead for vegetable seed players in China?




1. 政策解读





2. 蔬菜种苗产业发展趋势

- 近年来,我国蔬菜种苗产业也发展迅速,这对蔬菜种子行业的发展有何影响?

- 传统蔬菜种子公司有什么机会,又将面临哪些挑战?