International Forum of TiO2 Industry

Conference Information


Date: September 28th, 2010 14:00~18:00

Location: Guangzhou

Organizer: CCM International Limited


With the global economy recovering, the TiO2 industry is meeting the best chance for development. The global TiO2 price has witnessed increase since the second half year of 2009. However, it is also known that the overcapacity of TiO2 caused by continuous capacity expansion is a bottleneck for the development of TiO2 industry chain

-- What's the trend and influence factor of price in Global TiO2 markets?

-- How Chinese TiO2 industry impact on the Global TiO2 industry?

-- How to overcome the difficulties of market development?

-- What challenges & opportunities will open up to the TiO2 enterprises?


In this forum, CCM's experts will answer all these for you. CCM is a local consulting    company and have rich experiences in international conferences and seminars, we are dedicated to offer our clients an ideal platform for networking, commercial opportunities finding, and latest intelligence obtaining. We are very glad to invite you to our event and we believe this will be a very good chance for you.