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    New Registrations of Pesticide Technical in China in 2017 Edition(3)

    Latest update:2018/02/28


    Description:In 2017, there had been 434 new registrations and 499 renewed registrations of pesticide technical in China, accounting for 47% and 53% of the total 933 registrations, respectively. Implemented on 1 …

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    2,4-D Survey in China Edition(4)

    Latest update:2018/02/12

    Keyword:2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid formulations;2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid technical;Pesticides

    Description:From 2012 to 2016, 2,4-D industry in China had witnessed increasing capacity, meanwhile it also confronted with challenge not only from severe competition due to oversupply, but also from environmenta…

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    Survey of Pesticide Industry in China Edition(6)

    Latest update:2017/12/27


    Description:After over 60 years' development, China has become the largest production base of pesticides in the world, with over one third of its output exporting to over 160 countries and regions every year. Ch…

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    Survey of Acetochlor in China Edition(4)

    Latest update:2017/11/17

    Keyword:Acetochlor formulations;Acetochlor technical;Agriculture;Pesticides

    Description:As a traditional agricultural country, China plays an important role in pesticides production in the domestic, and has become a key pesticide exporter in the world. Nowadays, China can produce more th…

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    Outlook for China Glyphosate Market 2017–2021 Edition(9)

    Latest update:2017/10/19


    Description:In order to figure out what factors driving up China’s glyphosate price, CCM has done deep research on glyphosate industrial chain. Through analyzing on glyphosate’s production, raw materials, export,…

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    Herbicide Market and Company Dynamics in China in Q2 2017 Edition(1)

    Latest update:2017/10/17

    Keyword:Fomesafen technical;Glufosinate-ammonium technical;Glyphosate technical;Herbicides;Pesticides

    Description:This report is about China's herbicide market and company dynamics in Q2 2017. It contains several important parts as follows: - Mothly ex-works prices of 12 major herbicides with price analysis in C…

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    IDAN Survey in China 2017 Edition(3)

    Latest update:2017/10/12

    Keyword:Agriculture;Antioxidants;Antistatic agent;Chemicals;Diethanolamine;Fine Chemicals;Glyphosate technical;Herbicides;Iminodiacetic acid;Iminodiacetonitrile;PMIDA;Pesticides

    Description:Iminodiacetonitrile (IDAN), an important fine chemical intermediates, takes an important role in the production of PMIDA & glyphosate. This report has carried on the analysis of IDAN from its producti…

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    Survey of Metolachlor in China Edition(4)

    Latest update:2017/09/14

    Keyword:Agriculture;Herbicides;Metolachlor formulations;Metolachlor technical;Pesticides

    Description:This report presents an overview of China's supply and demand of metolachlor which is a selective herbicide, as well as forecast on the future trends. Metolachlor is featured by broad weeding spect…

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    Atrazine Market and Production in China Edition(4)

    Latest update:2017/09/01

    Keyword:Agriculture;Atrazine formulations;Atrazine technical;Herbicides;Pesticides

    Description:Atrazine, a triazine herbicide, is widely used worldwide, due to its good herbicidal effect, safety to crops and economical price. China is not only a major consumption country of atrazine at home, bu…

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    Production and Market of Glufosinate-ammonium in China Edition(3)

    Latest update:2017/08/29

    Keyword:Agriculture;Glufosinate ammonium formulations;Glufosinate ammonium technical;Herbicides;Pesticides

    Description:Objectives of this report are to present an in-depth and comprehensive view of Chinese glufosinate-ammonium market. CCM's goal of this research is to determine the current status of Chinese glufosinat…

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    Global Guide of Coming Off-patent Agrochemical Active Ingredients Edition(4)

    Latest update:2017/08/02


    Description:As a good guide for pesticide companies who are interested in commercial development of coming off-patent products, this report is CCM's fourth edition report on coming off-patent agrochemicals in the…

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    Production and Market of Glycine in China Edition(6)

    Latest update:2017/07/14

    Keyword:Agriculture;Amino Acids;Glycine;Herbicides;Pesticides

    Description:Four grades of glycine are produced in China, namely tech-grade, food-grade, feed-grade and pharmaceutical-grade. Among them, tech-grade glycine has kept the dominate role, and less than 15% of tech-g…

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    Top 100 Pesticide Enterprises in China Edition(3)

    Latest update:2017/07/07

    Keyword:Agriculture;Pesticide formulations;Pesticides

    Description:In the past five years (2012–2016), the output of pesticides in China has been growing at an average year-on-year growth rate of 1.57%. China's import volume and value of pesticides decreased in 2016,…

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    Herbicide Market in China of Q1 2017 Edition(1)

    Latest update:2017/06/20

    Keyword:Agriculture;Glufosinate ammonium;Glyphosate;Paraquat;Pesticides

    Description:This report is about China's herbicide market in Q1 2017. It attaches importance to the following parts: - Policies related to the pesticide and herbicide industry that had been carried out in Q1 201…

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    Market Research on Paraquat in China in 2017 Edition(9)

    Latest update:2017/06/13


    Description:Paraquat, one of the most widely used herbicides in the world, was firstly launched in Britain in 1962 and introduced to China in 1978. But it is highly toxic, and studies have found that ingesting ju…

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    New Registrations of Pesticide Technical in China in 2016 Edition(1)

    Latest update:2017/03/24


    Description:This report is about registrations of pesticide technical in China in 2016. Basic information such as registered pesticides and registrants was reported in detail in the report in order to reflect the…

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    New Registrations of Pesticide Formulations in China in 2016 Edition(1)

    Latest update:2017/03/22


    Description:The number of new registrations of pesticide formulations has decreased in China these years. In 2016, fungicide formulations were registered the most among all pesticide formulations in China. Althou…

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    Survey of Pesticide Industry in China Edition(5)

    Latest update:2017/02/08


    Description:As a large agriculture country, China has become the biggest production base of pesticides in the world, with its crop area of over 160 million hectares in the past four years, strongly supporting for…

  • Industrial Reports

    2,4-D Survey in China Edition(3)

    Latest update:2017/02/07

    Keyword:2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid formulations;2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid technical;Agriculture;Herbicides;Pesticides

    Description:This report is a comprehensive analysis of the 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D) industry in China. A review on the production, consumption and imports & exports of 2,4-D in 2011–2015 is provided…

  • Industrial Reports

    Land Right in China Edition(1)

    Latest update:2017/02/06

    Keyword:Agriculture;Herbicides;Pesticides;Triallate formulations;Triallate technical

    Description:Land circulation is a very important policy in China, playing a positive role in promoting the development of modern agriculture. And it will be possible for China to transform from household contract…