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    Insecticide Market and Company Dynamics in China in Q2 2017 Edition(1)

    Latest update:2017/10/17

    Keyword:Acetamiprid technical;Chlorpyrifos technical;Emamectin benzoate technical;Imidacloprid technical;Insecticides;Pesticides

    Description:This report is about China's insecticide market and company dynamics in Q2 2017. It contains several important parts as follows: - Mothly ex-works prices of 10 major insecticides with price analysis …

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    Production and Market of Paraquat in China Edition(7)

    Latest update:2015/06/11

    Keyword:Acetamiprid formulations;Acetamiprid technical;Agriculture;Insecticides;Pesticides

    Description:From the report, you can - Understand the underlying trends driving change in the paraquat industry - Gain insight into the whole paraquat industry chain from raw materials to consumption; - Get more…

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    CCMP Price Forecast (July to December monthly average ex-work price of 2014) Edition(1)

    Latest update:2014/07/04

    Keyword:2-Chloro-5-chloromethyl pyridine;Chemicals and materials;Pesticides

    Description:2-Chloro-5-chloromethylpyridine (CCMP), the key intermediate for the production of imidacloprid and acetamiprid, is attracting more and more attention from imidacloprid and acetamiprid producers. Imid…

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    Data report_Production and Market of Acetamiprid in China Edition(1)

    Latest update:2012/11/29

    Keyword:Acetamiprid formulations;Acetamiprid technical;Agriculture;Insecticides;Pesticides

    Description:Acetamiprid is a kind of nicotinamide insecticides. It is systemic so it can control sucking insects on crops such as leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, pome fruits, grapes, cotton, cole crops and ornam…