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    Production and Market of Sorbitol and Maltitol in China Edition(1)

    Latest update:2019/10/12

    Keyword:Maltitol;Sorbitol;Sugar & Sweeteners

    Description:Sorbitol and maltitol hot topics in 2018: - Both sorbitol and maltitol capacity declined in 2018 because of overcapacity. - As of 2018, there were 14 active sorbitol producers and 11 active maltitol p…

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    Analysis of Listed Pesticide Companies in China in H1 2019 Edition(2)

    Latest update:2019/10/11


    Description:In H1 2019, the market competition of agrochemical industry in the globe became fiercer under the influence of complicated and changeable political and economic situation at home and abroad, and the c…

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    Survey of Sodium Formate and Formic Acid in China Edition(2)

    Latest update:2019/09/12

    Keyword:Fine Chemicals;Formic acid;Sodium formate

    Description:Sodium formate and formic acid industries in China were under structural reform since 2015 when the Chinese government has issued the new Environmental Protection Law. During 2016 to 2018, the capacit…

  • Industrial Reports

    Top 100 Pesticide Enterprises in China Edition(5)

    Latest update:2019/09/06


    Description:Industrial integration has been gathering momentum in China in 2018. The pesticide industry boasts leading production capacity and output across the world, yet the large amount of enterprises lead to …

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    China Pentaerythritol Market Research Edition(15)

    Latest update:2019/08/19

    Keyword:Fine Chemicals;Pentaerythritol

    Description:Facing with increasingly stringent environmental standards, high production costs and other factors, China's pentaerythritol industry is still in tough situation. In 2018, there were nine active produ…

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    Market Research of Graphite Industry in China Edition(1)

    Latest update:2019/08/06

    Keyword:Chemicals;Graphite;flake graphite

    Description:Obvious oversupply can be found in graphite mining industry in China. Estimated at an average grade of 8% and recovery rate of 90%, the design capacity in 2017 means that at least 1.63 million tonnes …

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    Survey of Metolachlor in China Edition(6)

    Latest update:2019/08/05

    Keyword:Agriculture;Herbicides;Metolachlor formulations;Metolachlor technical;Pesticides

    Description:This report presents an overview of China's supply and demand of metolachlor which is a selective herbicide, as well as forecast on the future trends. Metolachlor is featured by broad weeding spectr…

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    Pesticide Price Analysis in China in H1 2019 Edition(1)

    Latest update:2019/08/05


    Description:The Chinese government has introduced a series of influential policies and regulations on environmental protection in recent years. As a result, effective inspection and modification measures have bee…

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    Survey of Titanium Dioxide in China Edition(8)

    Latest update:2019/08/02

    Keyword:Inorganic Basic Chemicals;Minerals/resources/mining;Titanium Dioxide/TiO2;Titanium dioxide;chemicals

    Description:This research aims to study China's titanium dioxide industry by production, price, import & export and consumption. Scope of the report Region scope: China Time scope: 2016 to 2018 China has become…

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    Production and Market of Glycine in China Edition(8)

    Latest update:2019/07/24

    Keyword:Amino Acids;Glycine;Pesticides

    Description:Four grades of glycine are produced in China, namely tech-grade, food-grade, feed-grade and pharmaceutical-grade. Among them, tech-grade glycine has kept the dominate role, and less than 18% of tech-g…

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    Financial Performance of Chinese Listed Pesticide Enterprises Edition(2)

    Latest update:2019/07/05


    Description:As annual reports 2018 of the listed agrochemical enterprises had been published, China Crop Protection Industry Association announced the List of 2019 China Top 100 Pesticide Enterprises in May, acco…

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    Production and Market of Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) in China Edition(6)

    Latest update:2019/07/03

    Keyword:Amino Acids;Monosodium glutamate;Other Food Ingredients

    Description:Hot topics in China's monosodium glutamate (MSG) market during 2016 and 2018: - MSG industry in China has experienced many pressures and challenges from environmental policies and market competition i…

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    Survey of Pesticide Industry in China Edition(7)

    Latest update:2019/06/24


    Description:China is a large pesticide supplier in the world, engaged in producing a wide variety of pesticides. In recent years, China's pesticide industry has heavily influenced by the government's policies and…

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    Global Guide of Coming Off-patent Agrochemical Active Ingredients Edition(6)

    Latest update:2019/06/06


    Description:As a good guide for pesticide companies who are interested in commercial development of coming off-patent products, this report is CCM's sixth edition report on coming off-patent agrochemicals in the …

  • Industrial Reports

    Production Accidents and Influences on Agrochemical Industry in China Edition(1)

    Latest update:2019/06/06


    Description:Last year, about the same period of time, pollution accident occurred in Lianyungang Chemical Industrial Park in Jiangsu Province; this year, the province underwent a major explosion accident. It se…

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    Sodium Chlorate Market in China Edition(3)

    Latest update:2019/05/14

    Keyword:Fine Chemicals;Sodium chlorate

    Description:There has been an oversupply in China's sodium chlorate these years. Large producers of sodium chlorate prefer to combine with each other or expand capacity, in order to seize a larger market share wi…

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    Production and Market of Glucono-delta-lactone in China Edition(5)

    Latest update:2019/05/13

    Keyword:Food and Feed (Ingredients);Glucono-δ-lactone;Other Food Ingredients;Sugar & Sweeteners

    Description:"China started production of glucono-delta-lactone (GDL) in the 1980s. However, this product developed slowly before 2000s. Entering the 21st century, China’s GDL developed rapidly, driven by the incr…

  • Industrial Reports

    Stevia Market and Company Research in China Edition(2)

    Latest update:2019/05/10

    Keyword:Stevia leaf;Stevia sweetener;Sugar & Sweeteners

    Description:Hot topics in China's stevia market in 2017 and H1 2018: - In 2017, the output of stevia leaves started to decline due to an oversupply in stevia leaf market and the decrease continued in 2018; - Most…

  • Industrial Reports

    Assessment of Agrochemical Industrial Parks in China Edition(1)

    Latest update:2019/05/06


    Description:Lots of chemical industrial parks/zones suffered great environmental protection pressures in 2018; the situation as of the press time in 2019 has not turned any better. Chemical parks in Jiangsu Provi…

  • Industrial Reports

    Production and Market of Paraformaldehyde in China Edition(15)

    Latest update:2019/04/30

    Keyword:Fine Chemicals;Paraformaldehyde;Pesticides

    Description:Paraformaldehyde (abbreviated as PF) industry in China is still at its growing stage, though it has witnessed a fast development in the past few years. There are two main PF production methods, namely…