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  • Industrial Reports

    Production of Starch Sugar in China 2015–2019 Edition(2)

    Latest update:2020/07/13

    Keyword:Starch sugar;Sugar & Sweeteners

    Description:Starch sugar, as a high quality sweetener, is more widely used than white sugar, not only in food industry, but also in pharmaceutical and chemical industries. There are various starch sugars in domes…

  • Industrial Reports

    New Registrations of Pesticide Formulations in China in 2019 Edition(5)

    Latest update:2020/07/02

    Keyword:Agriculture;Fungicide formulations;Herbicide formulations;Insecticide formulations;Pesticides

    Description:This report is about new registrations of pesticide formulations in China in 2019. This report not only shows an overview of the new registrations of pesticide formulations in China in 2019, but also …

  • Industrial Reports

    Production and Market of Glycine in China Edition(9)

    Latest update:2020/06/28

    Keyword:Amino Acids;Glycine;Pesticides

    Description:China is one of the major production countries of glycine in the world, and four grades of glycine are produced here, namely tech-grade, food-grade, feed-grade and pharmaceutical-grade. Commercial p…

  • Industrial Reports

    Pyrethroids Survey in China Edition(3)

    Latest update:2020/06/05


    Description:Pyrethroids, have witnessed a stable development in the past few years in China, and they have been playing an increasingly important role in the pest control on various crops in China. In 2017, the t…

  • Industrial Reports

    Survey of Phosphorus Industry in China Edition(5)

    Latest update:2020/06/04

    Keyword:Phosphate fertilizer;Phosphorus Chemicals;Yellow phosphorus

    Description:China has become one of the biggest phosphorus producers and exporters in the world after 20 years of fast expansion. A relatively complete industrial system for phosphorus industry has been establish…

  • Industrial Reports

    Financial Analysis of Chinese Listed Pesticide Enterprises Edition(3)

    Latest update:2020/06/02


    Description:In 2019, global economic growth slowdown, plus greater risks of domestic economic downturn, led to sluggish demand for chemicals. Besides, challenging weather conditions were experienced in many regio…

  • Industrial Reports

    Market Survey of Polydextrose in China Edition(1)

    Latest update:2020/05/22

    Keyword:Corn Products;Polydextrose

    Description:Polydextrose (PD) is a non-digestible soluble dietary fiber used widely in most sectors of the food industry. As the development of PD in the last decades, it has become one of the most popular and we…

  • Industrial Reports

    Survey of Acetochlor in China Edition(6)

    Latest update:2020/05/08

    Keyword:Acetochlor formulations;Acetochlor technical;Agriculture;Pesticides

    Description:Though it is faced with lots of competitors and substitutes in herbicide application nowadays, acetochlor still accounts for a large market share among selective herbicides applied in China. It can be…

  • Industrial Reports

    Production and Market of Paraformaldehyde in China Edition(16)

    Latest update:2020/05/07

    Keyword:Fine Chemicals;Paraformaldehyde;Pesticides

    Description:Paraformaldehyde (abbreviated as PF) industry in China is still at its growing stage, though it has witnessed a fast development in the past few years. There are two main PF production methods, namely…

  • Industrial Reports

    New registrations of pesticide technical in China in 2019 Edition(5)

    Latest update:2020/05/06


    Description:This report is about new registrations of pesticide technical in China in 2019. This report not only shows an overview of the new registrations of pesticide technical in China in 2019, but also introd…

  • Industrial Reports

    Sodium Gluconate and Glucon o delta lactones Major Producers Capacity and Output in China 2019 Edition(1)

    Latest update:2020/04/23

    Keyword:Corn Products;Glucono-δ-lactone;Sodium gluconate

    Description:This report is a value chain analysis of the sodium gluconate and glucono-delta-lactone industry in China, which covers the production, major producers, price, production technology and raw material o…

  • Industrial Reports

    Impact of the COVID-19 on Pesticide Industry Edition(1)

    Latest update:2020/04/06


    Description:Recent years, there have been more and more factors affecting Chinese pesticide manufacturers, such as increasing technical prices, work safety and environmental protection problems, new pesticide man…

  • Industrial Reports

    Market Research of Sodium Tripolyphosphate in China Edition(1)

    Latest update:2020/04/02

    Keyword:Phosphorus Chemicals;Sodium Tripolyphosphate

    Description:Sodium tripolyphosphate (STPP), also known as tripolyphosphate or sodium triphosphate, is used widely in the manufacture of cleaning products and food preservatives, as well as in water treatment faci…

  • Industrial Reports

    Outlook for China Glyphosate Market 2020–2024 Edition(11)

    Latest update:2020/03/19


    Description:In order to figure out what factors driving up China's glyphosate price, CCM has done deep research on glyphosate industrial chain. Through analyzing on glyphosate's production, raw materials, export,…

  • Industrial Reports

    Market Research of Acesulfame Potassium in China Edition(1)

    Latest update:2020/03/19

    Keyword:Acesulfame potassium;Acesulfame-K;Sugar & Sweeteners

    Description:Aiming to disclose the latest production, analyse the price and market of China's acesulfame potassium industry, this report mainly focuses on China's acesulfame potassium industry from 2017 to 2019, …

  • Industrial Reports

    Forecasts on Pests and Diseases of Corn, Rice and Wheat in China Edition(2)

    Latest update:2020/03/04


    Description:Based on comprehensive analysis of previous occurrence of pests and diseases, crop distribution, planting methods, climatic trend and other factors, it is predicted that the occurrence of major crop p…

  • Industrial Reports

    Atrazine Market and Production in China Edition(6)

    Latest update:2020/02/27

    Keyword:Atrazine formulations;Atrazine technical;Pesticides

    Description:Atrazine, a triazine herbicide, is widely used worldwide, due to its good herbicidal effect, safety to crops and economical price. China's atrazine is export-oriented, with annual export volume of atr…

  • Industrial Reports

    Survey of Fluorine Industry in China Edition(6)

    Latest update:2020/02/20


    Description:Fluorine chemical products with the characteristics of chemical resistance, good resistance in high and low temperatures, aging resistance, low friction, excellent insulation, etc., are widely applied…

  • Industrial Reports

    Analysis of Domestic Pyridine and its Downstream Pesticides Edition(1)

    Latest update:2020/02/12


    Description:China is the largest producer and exporter of pesticide technical in the world. At present, developing compounds containing pyridine have become a popular direction in pesticide technical producers wi…

  • Industrial Reports

    2,4-D Survey in China Edition(6)

    Latest update:2020/01/22

    Keyword:2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid technical;Pesticides

    Description:In recent years, 2,4-D industry in China confronted with barriers, including sluggish demand from overseas market, pressure from illegal producers, difficulty in pollutant treatment, etc. From 2013 …