Trade Research

With over 10 years experience and our self-developed analysis model, CCM’s in-house data center excels in domestic & international trade research. CCM has proven capabilities in collecting, storing, analyzing and summarizing large amounts of trade-related raw data, which is based on the non-independent code data that is sourced from China Customs.

Tracking & monitoring

CCM’s tracking and monitoring service provides more than import/export data or shipping records. It identifies and maps the internal relations between products, manufacturers, traders and buyers. Over the past years, CCM has successfully served many well known clients from different industries all over the world, particularly the agrochemicals, chemicals and food industries.

Full details–Manufacturer to buyer (MTB)

During the entire trade business route, from supply, to logistics and demand, the relating data which reflects the actual information about the import/export situation is highly demanded by clients. CCM’s Manufacturer to Buyer (MTB) service will definitely meet your needs as we can offer you full details about manufacturers, traders and buyers, helping you get a clear picture of a specific product’s trade flow, from production to purchase and consumption. 

View sample: Glyphosate MTB Export Analysis

In-depth analysis

In light of a large amount of trade-related data which is tracked and monitored by CCM’s data analysts every day, CCM is able to conduct diversified derivative reports, which reveal the general import/export situation of a specific product, as well as CCM’s seasonal or annual in-depth analysis of the influential factors on the specific product.