Data report-Production Situation of Vitamin E in China

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In volume of transaction, Vitamin E is one of the world's top three vitamins with

annual global market volume of nearly USD1 billion, thanks to the wide range of applications

in feed, medicine and food industry.

With the relatively small production costs and the abundant supply of raw materials,

China now become the major producer of VE. Reviewing the increasing capacity of VE

in the past four years, its output has also been rising simultaneously. VE capacity

converted into VE powder were 67,000 tonnes, 81,700 tonnes, 83,300 tonnes and 84,900

tonnes in 2008-2011, while VE production were 45,000 tonnes, 48,166 tonnes, 52,496

tonnes and 57,100 tonnes in 2008-2011.

China is the largest country in importing and exporting VE and its derivatives, with

USD689 million and USD767 million export volume of VE and its derivatives in 2010

and in 2011 respectively, as well as USD182 million and USD220 million import volume

of VE and its derivatives in 2010 and 2011 respectively.

The main raw materials of VE, including TMHQ and Isophytol, are mainly concentrated

in Roche, DSM , BASF and other large international companies until 1994 when Xinchang

synthetic Chemical Factory achieved the dream of industrialized production of VE,

which rewrites the history of China 's dependence on the import of VE.

Most synthetic VE is used in animal feed to promote the gonadal development and

improve the reproductive capacity of animals. In order to increase the stability of

VE, VE can be esterified . Because of its antioxidant effects, pharmaceutical-grade

VE can be used for anti-aging, the prevention of habitual abortion, muscle atrophy,

hepatitis, and coronary heart disease.

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