Survey of Mancozeb in China

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Mancozeb, one of the most widely used protective fungicides in the world, constitutes 50% of the market share of ethylene-bis-dithiocarbamates (EBDC) fungicides. With its global market value reaching USD400 million in 2009, mancozeb’s global capacity is estimated to exceed 220,000t/a in 2010.United Phosphorus Limited (India) is the largest manufacturer of mancozeb in global,followed by Sabero Organics Gujarat Limited (India) and Indofil Industries Limited (India) . Limin Chemical Co., Ltd. (China) is the largest manufacturer of mancozeb in China and the fifth largest producer of mancozeb in the world.

China, an important supplier of mancozeb, used to take imported ethylenediamine (EDA) to produce mancozeb. Since 2010, two companies constantly put their EDA production units into commercial production, which changed the supply and demand situation of EDA in China.

This report, based on CCM’s many years research experiences in Chinese mancozeb industry and its upstream sectors, dives deep into China’s mancozeb industry to figure out the industry’s key characteristics, latest dynamics and future trends, in terms of production, R&D, pricing, export situation, consumption/demand, key players’ competitiveness etc.

Presenting penetrating insights into China’s changing mancozeb market, this report is consist of the following parts:

- CCM’s in-depth analysis into the whole development of mancozeb industry and position of mancozeb in Chinese fungicide industry

- The newest current supply and demand situation of mancozeb in China

- Export analysis of mancozeb, including export by specification, manufacturer, exporter, destination from 2008 to 2010

- Demand for mancozeb in China, change of share by different crops and share by regions, 2008-2010

- Forecast on the mancozeb industry in China, 2011-2015

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