The Future of High Intensity Sweeteners in China

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Sweeteners are food additives used to sweeten food products, namely those listed as sweeteners in China’s national standard GB 2760-1996 (Hygienic Standards for Uses of Food Additives, including supplements). There have been totally 20 sweeteners permitted to be used in food by the end of 2007. There are totally 13 high intensity sweeteners (HIS) listed in the GB 2760 (including supplements till the end of 2007). All of them are 100 or more times sweeter than sucrose except cyclamate and calcium cyclamate, which are both 30~80 times sweeter than sucrose. In this report the following HIS are emphasized:

- Aspartame

- Acesulfame-K

- Saccharin

- Cyclamate

- Sucralose

- Stevioside

As the major competitors of HIS, sugar and sugar alcohols in China are introduced in brief in terms of production, demand and trade.

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Report highlights

Each of the major HIS in China has all expanded in output value in recent years. The fastest is sucralose, then aspartame, growing by 240% and 42% annually from 2002~2006, in spite that the price of sucralose and aspartame are both declining in recent years. The output value of saccharin and cyclamate also grows by 3.1% and 4.6% although their output volume has shrunk.

China’s the major HIS provider to the world, about 70% of China’s HIS by volume has been exported in recent years; while a small quantity of HIS has been imported. The import volume peaked at 216 tonnes in 2004, and among all the HIS, aspartame had the largest import volume. In recent three years, China’s import volume of HIS has been lower than 100 tonnes, accounting for less than 0.5% of the total HIS consumption in the domestic market.

China’s total consumption of HIS by volume decreased from 34.8 kt in 2002 to 23.3 kt in 2006, declining at a CAGR 9.5%. This decline in consumption volume is attributed to China’s HIS consumption structure change in recent years. The HIS with lower unit sweetness has shrunk and the HIS with higher sweetness has expanded. For example, the consumption volume of cyclamate decreased by 14.1% from 2002 to 2006 annually.

From 2002 to 2006, the total sweetness consumption in China grows by 6.6% annually. For sugar and starch sugar, they grows by CAGR 4.9% and 25.6% from 2002~2006 respectively. However, for HIS, it declines by 0.6% annually from 2002~2006. Obviously, HIS is not the strong competitor against sugar and starch sugar, although the unit sweetness price is just 1/10 around of that of sugar and starch sugar.

Food & beverage industry is the major consumption area for HIS in 2007, about 75% of HIS by volume are consumed thereto, and the percentage is 81% by value. For aspartame, ace-K and sucralose, the figure is much higher. Except saccharin, over 80% of the rest HIS is consumed in food & beverage industry.

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