Meta Cresol Production & Market in China

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The coal tar pathway is the traditional method to obtain meta-cresol through the fractional distillation of coal tar that is obtained mainly from the process of coking.

As the boiling point for m-cresol and p-cresol is close, it is hard to separate them. So usually, the rest part exists in form of mixture of meta-para-cresols. The content of meta-para-cresols mixture in coal tar is low. It is reported that these two isomers can be separated out by overseas companies. However, no Chinese company has mastered such kind of technology yet. This is why the product from Chinese coal tar plants is meta-para-cresols instead of meta cresol or para cresol. Also it explains why the production of meta cresol, by the coal tar pathway, is quite small in China.

The capacity of meta-cresols is small in China, less than 10,000t/a in 2004. Meta Cresol in China is mainly used to produce vitamin, pyrethriods, etc. As the output of meta–cresol is restrained from the production technology, now China mainly imports it.

In the next five years, synthetic vitamin E and agrochemical industry are still the major driven forces for the development of meta-cresol industry in China.

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