Pesticide Policies in China in 2023

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Pesticide industry is a strong guarantee for food security, which can also facilitate the income growth of farmers and the development of pesticides. However, with rising appeals for environmental protection in all walks of life in China, the impacts caused on the environment during the construction, production and use of pesticides have aroused people's attention. China has been actively propelling the development of pesticide industry to ensure food supply, in tandem with issuing a series of policies and measures to regulate the industry in order to maintain a good ecological environment. In recent years, China has also gradually shifted the developing mode from "pollution first, treatment later" and "treating while polluting" to "establishing emission standards for waste gas and waste residues before approving for construction and production". In 2023, China exerts efforts to avoid the abuse of resource and daft discharge of waste gas, water and residues that damage the eco-environment; various rules and regulations have been issued to facilitate the industrialisation and commercialisation of agricultural genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in China, especially for GM corn and GM soybean.

In this report, CCM will introduce China's industrialisation of GMOs for corn, rice and soybean, agricultural production measures in 2023, policies on industry management and registration administration of pesticides and the latest list of banned and restricted pesticides, as well as environmental protection policies in China with the following:

√ No.1 Central Document in 2023
√ Key points of MARA's work deployment for rural revitalisation in 2023
√ Notice calling for Supervision and Administration of Pesticides in China
√ List of Pesticides Banned and Restricted (as of Nov., 2023)
√ Guiding Catalogue for Pesticide Industrial Structure Adjustment (draft of revision)
√ Determination Methods and Production Criteria for Pesticides
√ List of Key Controlled Emerging Contaminants (2023 Edition)

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