Production projects of China's pesticide industry in 2023

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Since late 2022, China's pesticide market has been suffering from slow consumption of technical inventory and depressed demand. In H1 2023, most fungicide varieties continued price downtrend in 2022; as of Sept., semi-reports released by multiple pesticide players had shown a commonly decreasing income, with some in the red; only a few had made positive growths in operating results. By H2, market prices of pesticides stabilised and started to tune up progressively. Against the current morass, it is worth attention how Chinese pesticide enterprises react to better adapt to the business scale and fulfil the need of long-term development.

According to public information from governments' environmental impact assessment and company announcement, totaling 92 pesticide projects pertaining to pesticide technical, formulations and intermediates were planned or constructed during Jan.–Sept. 2023, of which CCM will briefly take stock to have a closer look at China's agrochemical industry.

In this report, CCM will do overview of China's pesticide industry in 2023 from the following aspects:

√ Overview of China's on-going pesticide projects
√ Large-scale projects for major active ingredients
√ Constructed projects for new capacity in 2023
√ Major projects for China's new pesticides and bio-pesticides

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