Market of Phosphoric Acid in China

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In China, many phosphoric acid (PA) manufacturers are traditional phosphorus chemical enterprises. But currently many of them no longer simply play the traditional role as a supplier of fertilizers or low-end phosphorus products. These years, they have made new development through following integration strategies.

Nowadays, PA manufacturers in China are developing not only by integrating forward, but also by integrating backward. Upstream material self-sufficiency rate in China's PA manufacturers is increasing. Many PA manufacturers have expanded or are actively expanding to downstream businesses. For instance, Kunming Chuan Jin Nuo Chemical Co., Ltd. will complete its 2,500 t/a battery-grade PA (100% P2O5) and 5,000 t/a battery-grade lithium iron phosphate precursor project in 2023, and Kingenta Norsterra Chemical Co., Ltd. expects to complete its 100,000 t/a purified PA, 200,000 t/a PA and 400,000 t/a ammonium dihydrogen phosphate for batteries project in 2025.

Then why do these PA manufacturers need to conduct industrial integration? What kinds of actions are they taking to implement their integration strategies? And how will China's PA industry fare after the industrial integration in the future?

In order to get more information and have a better knowledge of development trends of PA industry in China, CCM has done deep research on PA manufacturers, which include phosphorus fertilizer manufacturers, food grade PA manufacturers, industrial grade PA manufacturers and electronic grade PA manufacturers. CCM has also done deep research on PA downstream fields, including fertilizer, metal surface treatment, fire protection, new energy, panel, circuit and food processing. Key points in the report are as follows,

- Production situation of PA in China, 2020–2022
- Key PA manufacturers and their capacity and output, 2020–2022
- Key PA manufacturers and their production methods
- PA related subsidiaries of key PA manufacturers in China
- Financial situation of key PA manufacturers in China
- Backward integration trend of PA industry in China, 2018–2022
- Forward integration trend and consumption analysis of PA industry in China to 2025

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