Exports of major pesticide products in China in H1 2020

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In H1 2020, China’s pesticide export volume and value both have achieved a certain degree of increase as compared to a year ago. Pesticide exports achieved substantial year-on-year growth in April and May. Export value of China’s pesticide to the top 10 destinations accounted for 56.41% of the total.

Export value of China’s pesticide saw year-on-year increase, according to data from the Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (ICAMA). Besides, export volume of pesticide achieved a year-on-year growth rate of double-digit due to the substantial increases in pesticide exports in April and May.

In this period 2020, China’s export volume of glyphosate (converted into 100% AI) witnessed a year-on-year decrease, so does that of atrazine, dicamba, glufosinate-ammonium and diuron. All saw decline compared with H1 of the previous year.

In H1 2020, the export volume of epoxiconazole increased sharply year on year. The export volume showed year-on-year declines in Feb. and June, while the rest enjoyed significant increases.

In this report, CCM will do analysis of the exports of major pesticide products in China in H1 2020 from
the following aspects:

√ Overview of pesticide exports in China in H1 2020
√ Export analysis of main herbicide products
√ Export analysis of main insecticide products
√ Export analysis of main fungicide products

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