2,4-D Survey in China

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In China, the history of production and application of 2,4-D has exceeded 30 years, and the product has a stable market demand. Farmers prefer to use 2,4-D as a herbicide on wheat, corn and rice, and as a plant growth regulator on eggplant, tomato, pumpkin, watermelon and etc.

Increasing resistance of weeds to glyphosate in recent years and the withdrawal of paraquat aqueous solution (AS) from Chinese market starting on 1 July, 2016 brought 2,4-D products a new opportunity in China.

In recent years, 2,4-D industry in China has been confronted with barriers, including sluggish demand from overseas market, pressure from illegal producers, difficulty in pollutant treatment, etc. Pollutant treatment is a major problem for 2,4-D technical manufacturers.

Since 2019, the purchasing demand for 2,4-D in foreign countries has recovered, but domestic enterprises have gone through production suspension and restriction caused by environmental protection policies and then by the COVID-19. In general, overseas market provides an important outlet for China's superfluous output.

In 2020, the overall price of 2,4-D technical in China is relatively stable. But due to the rising cost of raw materials, it is predicted that the price will continue to rise in the near future.

In this report, CCM will do 2,4-D Survey in China 2020 from the following aspects:
√ Production of 2,4-D
√ Price & exports
√ Consumption
√ Forecast on 2,4-D industry in China

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