Forecasts on Pests and Diseases of Corn, Rice and Wheat in China

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Based on comprehensive analysis of previous occurrence of pests and diseases, crop distribution, planting methods, climatic trend and other factors, it is predicted that the occurrence of major crop pests and diseases in China will be severe in 2020, heavier than that of 2019. Specifically, wheat scab, rice planthopper and rice leaf roller are very likely to occur heavily.

In 2019, overall occurrence of major crop pests and diseases in China was less serious than the average level in recent years. In 2019, occurrence area of major crop pests and diseases in China was 300 million ha. (4.3 billion mu). The first attack of Spodoptera frugiperda was recorded in corn growing areas in South China and Jiangnan Region, with no obvious damage discovered. Wheat scab occurred moderately, less severe than in 2018, in wheat planting areas along Middle and Lower Yangtze River, in Jianghuai Region and in the south of Huanghuai Region.

Thanks to crop protection efforts and services, major crop pests and diseases brought less damage in 2019. Crop protection work plays a key role in safeguarding growth of crops, directly affecting the crop quality and yield. Statistics show that crop protection work had saved many grain annually from 2009 to 2018.

In this report, CCM will provides the forecasts on the occurrence of pests and diseases in China in 2020 from the following aspects:

√ Maize

√ Rice

√ Wheat

√31 provinces and municipalities throughout China

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