Overview of Seed Treatment in China

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Seed treatment, as a comprehensive plant protection technology, is the most effective and cost-efficient means to protect crop seeds from biotic or abiotic stresses. As serious disease and pest outbreaks take place now and then, labor cost creeps up every year and the government advocates zero increase of pesticide usage, seed treatment sector attracts more and more attention.

Starting from the registration of seed treatment products, this report provides information about annual registration, formulation type, active ingredient, toxicity, target crop and control target of seed treatment in China, analyses the current situation in application and forecasts on the market growth in China.

At present, there are 16 formulation types of seed treatments registered in China, with a high concentration in certain types though. Among them, Flowable concentrate for seed treatment, water dispersible powder for slurry seed treatment and suspension concentrate for seed treatment are the top three, respectively accounting for 78%, 7% and 6% of the total registered amount of seed treatments in China. According to the statistics from National Agricultural Technology Extension and Service Centre, treated seeds were used in about 67 million ha. (1 billion mu) planting area in China in 2018. The development of seed treatment market has been accelerating in recent years, and the output value of domestic market has grown at 8%–10% annually.

- Introduction of seed treatment in China
- Registration of seed treatment in China
- Market of seed treatment in China
- Development trend of seed treatment in China

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