Effects of the Sino-US Trade War on Chinese Pesticides Industry

Report edition: 2018 edition(2)
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This is the second edition report on the Sino-US trade war finished by CCM in December 2018. The Sino-US trade war, or the disputes/frictions between the two large economies—the United States and the People's Republic of China, poses the major challenge to the economic relation between the two countries. It attaches great importance to the following parts:
- The development of the Sino-US trade war. Since the beginning of 2018, such trade frictions have kept rising.
- Effects of the trade war on pesticides exported from China. Four key pesticides, glufosinate-ammonium, imidacloprid, azoxystrobin and metolachlor, will be adversely affected.
- Influences on crops and China's pesticide industry. Take soybean as an example to expound the possible influences on the related markets such as pesticides used in the US.
- Challenges rising from the Sino-US trade war and measures to be taken by the Chinese government and pesticide enterprises.

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