Fluorite Reserve and Policy in China

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This report reveals fluorite reserves and policies in China in recent years, listing the changes in fluorite reserves and policies. Based on this, the report analyzes the impact of fluorite-related policy changes on the whole industry and predicts the future trends of fluorite production, demand and price.

In 2017, the proven fluorite reserves in the world was about 500 million tonnes, of which more than 260 million tonnes was recoverable reserves. China has the largest proven fluorite reserves in the world. At the same time, China is the largest fluorite producer worldwide in 2017 with the output of 4.03 million tonnes, down by 4.05% compared with that in 2016. On the whole, before 2011, the output of fluorite in China showed an upward trend year by year, but from 2011 to 2017, the output of fluorite declined slightly. The reasons are as below, as the transformation and upgrading of domestic economy is promoted in recent years, several policies concerning fluorite industry have been issued, which further strengthen the regulation on fluorite excavation and production.

CCM lists policies related to export quota and export rebate, market access threshold, mineral exploration right and mining right, taxes, fees, and reserve funds, environmental protection, production safety and foreign investment, and explains them in concrete terms and influences.

The main policies include:
- Export quota and export rebate
- Exploitation quota and exploitation
- Market access threshold
- Mineral exploration right and mining right
- Rules concerning taxes, fees, and reserve funds
- Environmental protection
- Production safety
- Foreign investment

These policies have great influences on the whole industry. On the one hand, fluorite resources tend to be concentrated in large enterprises. On the other hand, fluorite output has been declining. CCM analyzes the specific reasons and related policies behind the phenomenon.

It is predicted that there are three trends of fluorite in the future.
- Output of fluorite is expected to continue the downward trend
- Overall demand for fluorite is expected to grow
- Fluorite price will continue to rise

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