Survey of Flame Retardants Industry in China

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Flame retardant is necessary to apply in the plastic product, electric accessory, construction materials and textile products, with the function of prevent subjects from burning. With the increasing requirements for fire safety in various environments such as industry and daily life, the global demand for flame retardants will maintain an annual growth rate of 4.6%, and will reach 2.8 million tonnes in 2018. China will become the country with the fastest growing demand for flame retardants, and will also maintain its position as the largest consumer of flame retardants. In 2018, China's consumption of flame retardants will account for around one-third of the global total. At present, organic halogenated flame retardants has kept the dominate role, but with the enhanced awareness of environmental protection in the country, the potential demand for halogen-free flame retardants is huge.

The price of flame retardant relies on supply to some extent. The most widely used halogen flame retardant is brominated flame retardant and bromine is one of the important raw materials for the production of brominated flame retardants. During the first round of central environmental protection inspection in 2017, bromine was given special attention. The main source of bromine in China, Shandong Province, has been severely affected. In 2017, the overall capacity of brominated flame retardants continued to decline and the operating rate is only around 20%. As the price of brominated flame retardants rise continually, it will inevitably stimulate the consumption of organic phosphorus flame retardants because currently phosphorus flame retardants are the best alternatives to brominated flame retardants. Zhejiang Wansheng Co., Ltd., one of the world’s leading suppliers of phosphorus flame retardants, announced on May 22, 2018 that prices for some flame retardant products have been raised in the global market due to great changes in the supply of phosphorus flame retardants.

In addition, flame retardant is sensitive to the regulations and policies, which decide its bloom or doom. The Twelfth Five-Year Plan has incorporated flame-retardant materials into key development industries, and has established a strategic alliance for green flame retardant technology innovation, providing a policy-based platform for the development of the flame-retardant materials industry. Therefore, it's difficult for manufacturers to enter the flame retardant sales market if they are unable to produce environmentally friendly products.

This report aims to provide comprehensive understanding about Chinese flame retardant industry and find out investment risk and business opportunities in this field. Following aspects of flame retardant industry are emphatically covered in this report.

- Introduction to major flame retardants, including BFRs, CFRs, antimony compounds, aluminium hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide and others;
- Latest technology of flame retardants ;
- End-use market of flame retardants analysed in details by application, covering plastic, PCB, rubber, textile, coating, wood and paper
- Policies and regulations
- Profiles of key producers

The data from National Statistical Bureau and polices from official departments have been analysed. It is helpful to know the current performance and make decisions on flame retardants.

Research scope of the report
Region: China
Time: 2012–2017
Product: flame retardant
Aspects: flame retardant production, flame retardant producers, and end use market of flame retardant, etc.

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