Competitive Insecticides in China

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Insecticide industry has played an important role in the whole pesticide industry in China, as its output ranked first in domestic pesticide industry before 2009. However, the output share of insecticides in pesticide industry decreased from 65.8% in 2000 to 19.2% in 2013, a decline mainly caused by the output increase of other pesticides, especially herbicides, although it was also influenced by the structural adjustment in pesticide industry and a slight decline in market demand. Nevertheless, in 2013, the output of insecticides was 613,000 tonnes (calculated by 100% technical), also down by 8.92% year on year. As for its place in the global market in 2012, insecticides accounted for 28% (by market value) of the global total, with its sales value hitting USD15 billion, while its market value in China reached 6.85% of global total according to the data from Pesticide Market News.
China's insecticide market changed much in the past decades, as it has been paying growing attention to human safety and environmental protection. At the same time, along with insecticide problems like resistance, the variety of insecticides updates faster and faster. Besides, competition in insecticide market is also increasingly serious.
Rice crop is the largest application filed of insecticide in China. The insecticide used on rice crop accounts for about 10% of the total pesticide volume, and for about 20% of agriculture-used insecticide volume used in China. Because of their high toxicity and resistance problems, insecticides used on rice have always been changing. All in all, Chinese rice insecticide market is so large that a great amount of domestic and foreign agrochemical enterprises pay attention to it, while the whole insecticide market is active and changing.

In this report, the global and domestic insecticide market had been introduced, and major insecticides also had been ranked out by various index. In addition, market changing of rice insecticides in domestic market had also been detailed.

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