Company Profiles of Thirty-six Chinese Agrochemical Manufacturers

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The description is for the previous version of the report and will be renewed after this new version completed.

The whole pesticide industry in China is undergoing changes as pushed by the Chinese government's efforts to optimize its pesticide industry's structure and enhance competitiveness of China’s pesticides in the global market.

Statistics show that mergers and acquisitions in the pesticide industry are conducted in order to keep a rising momentum. The number of manufacturers with production qualification mergers reached 12 in 2013 and 18 by the end of Sept. 2014. This trend is expected to continue in the future.

Manufacturers are striving to find a better way for development by ways of mergers and acquisitions, backward integration, expanding businesses into other fields, exploring overseas markets, etc.

China is the largest production base and exporter of pesticides in the world. In 2013, China produced 3.19 million tonnes of pesticides (by 100% technical), with 1.62 million tonnes being exported. However, it's observed that most pesticides produced in China are generic products, and the whole Chinese pesticide industry faces problems such as plight of overcapacity, irrational competition, lack of globally recognized brands and low added value.

Besides, in recent years, the Chinese government is strengthening its supervision of environmental protection. Agrochemical manufacturers are trying to improve their waste treatment technology and facilities.

To reflect the detailed development dynamics of the pesticide industry, CCM devotes itself to the research on the major pesticide manufacturers so as to help customers learn about the dynamics of these manufacturers and thus grab brief view of the Chinese pesticide industry.

Applicable user:
- Manufacturers of pesticide raw materials
- Pesticide purchasers
- Investors who are interested in China’s pesticide industry and its downstream industries
- More…

What to report:
The report covers the following aspects of thirty-six major pesticide manufacturers:
- Company background
- Key points in development history
- Financial performance
- Export situation
- Pesticide registration
- Product mix and new projects & investments underway
- Marketing and sales mode
- Commercial activities
- SWOT analysis

Value to client:
- Discovering the operation conditions of the major pesticide manufacturers;
- Understanding the development situation of China’s pesticide industry;
- More...

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