Global Market of Yellow Phosphorus

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Yellow phosphorus is a kind of basic chemical. Yellow phosphorus production is of the characteristics of large pollutant discharge, high energy consumption and serious resource waste. Most developed countries have stopped producing yellow phosphorus due to environmental protection and resources problem. Now, Kazakhstan, Vietnam and China become the major exporters of yellow phosphorus, while Japan, Poland, Brazil are the main import countries.

The industry of yellow phosphorus in Vietnam is developing rapidly for the lower cost and lower export tariff. The capacity of yellow phosphorus in China are the top of the world, but the Chinese government intend to reduce power consumption in production of yellow phosphorus and increase the product's added value, more importantly to reduce the excess capacity of yellow phosphorus. With the Industrial restructuring and elimination of backward production capacity of yellow phosphorus, the domestic capacity reduced to about 2,000,000 t/a in China, and the operating rate of yellow phosphorus declined to 50% in 2017.

The phosphorus ore is the raw material of yellow phosphorus production. The development of yellow phosphorus is mainly affected by price of phosphorus ore and environmental protection policies. In 2017, the phosphorus ore reserves in the world were about 6.7 billion tonnes, and more than 85% of the reserves were mainly distributed in Morocco, China, America, North Africa and Jordan.

The global demand for yellow phosphorus comes from five main downstream products, including thermal phosphoric acid, phosphorus trichloride, phosphorus pentasulfide, phosphorus pentoxide and sodium hypophosphite.

This report attaches importance to the following parts:
- Global supply of phosphorus ore in 2017 and its influences on the production of yellow phosphorus
- Production situation of yellow phosphorus in major countries in 2017
- General consumption of yellow phosphorus in the world by major countries and application fields in 2017
- Global trade flow of yellow phosphorus and phosphorus ores in 2017
- Global demand for yellow phosphorus in 2015–2017

Research scope of the report
Region: World
Time: 2015–2017
Product: yellow phosphorus
Aspects: yellow phosphorus production, yellow phosphorus producers, yellow phosphorus export and import, and end-use segments of yellow phosphorus, etc.

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