Seed Survey in China

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China’s seed industry has witnessed remarkable progress in recent years, showing great development potential. China’s seed market value has reached USD8.01 billion in 2009, up by 12.43% over 2008, at a CAGR of 16.16% during 2001–2009. However, seed commercialization in China still lags behind western developed countries. China’s seed market scale ranks 2nd in the world, following the US. With the sustained support from the government, seed industry in China will certainly maintain rapid growth in the coming few years, which will create many new commercial opportunities.

This report aims to provide comprehensive understanding about Chinese seed industry and find out investment risk and business opportunities in this field. Following aspects of seed industry are emphatically covered in this report.

- Demand characteristics and influencing factors. Analyse the current situation of seed supply and demand, as well as the main influencing factors.

- Market situation of eight kinds of main crop seeds. Identify market situation of eight kinds of main crop seeds from market volume and value, key seed companies and institutes, and market share of the main varieties both in the whole country and the top five production regions.

- China’s seed import and export. Uncover China’s seed imports and exports situation and understand advantageous and disadvantageous fields of China’s seed industry in the world.

- Competitiveness analysis of seed companies. Provide competitiveness analysis to know strength and weakness of seed companies, and find out opportunities and threats in the seed industry.

- Identify risk assessment and market opportunities. Policy risk, industry competition risk, supply-demand fluctuation risk and technology risk are assessed, and proposals to avoid risks are raised in this report. With the increasing market demand for seed, investment opportunities are recommended, including industry integration, GM crop development advancement and demand growth for improved seed varieties.

- Seed industry prospect. Seed industry prospect from seed market volume and value and R&D trend are assessed.

This report is helpful to:

- Companies engaged in production, R&D and sales of seed.

- Analysts and consultants trying to gain insights into Chinese seed market.

- Governments paying attention to Chinese seed market.

- Chambers of commerce and associations related to seed industry.

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