Production and Market of Maltodextrin in China

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Maltodextrin is a key product used in the fields of food, chemical and pharmaceuticals, etc. Before 2015, its development has been strongly boosted by its increasing applications in these fields. Besides, the demand from other consumer goods like cosmetics, toothpaste and papermaking, etc., also goes upward in recent years, greatly promoting the development of this industry. However, during 2015–2016, the development of the domestic maltodextrin slowed down gradually due to the saturated demand from downstream industries.

The capacity of maltodextrin in China remained 1,913,000 t/a from 2014 to 2016. The operating rate of the domestic maltodextrin industry witnessed a slight increase in these three years, being 57.71% in 2014 and reaching 64.45% in 2016. The output of maltodextrin in China increased slowly from 2014 to 2016, reaching 1,232,900 tonnes in 2016, at a CAGR of 5.68%. This is due to the sluggish downstream demand. What's more, the falling price of corn (a major raw material for maltodextrin) failed to support the price of maltodextrin, which led to profit reduction for manufacturers and thus made manufacturers less enthusiastic to expand production.

Maltodextrin is one of the best basic materials in food and beverage industry. The food and beverage industry including candy, drinks, ice cream, flavoring and essence and etc. is the largest final consumption sector of maltodextrin. In 2014, it captured more than 80% of the terminal consumption market. In 2014, about 1 million tonnes of maltodextrin was consumed in China, 4% more than that in 2013.

With people paying much more attention to health, many new-type additives (as substitutes of maltodextrin) featuring more healthier and less sweetness gradually appeared, but maltodextrin still play an important role in the food and beverage industry as a basic materials. Therefore the market share of maltodextrin will still keep at a high level in the future several years.

This report provides market information of maltodextrin in China in 2015–2017, and its relevant forecast in the following years. In this report, the latest production situation and the consumption details of maltodextrin in China will be analyzed in details. In addition, policies and regulations on maltodextrin in China also can be found in this report.

The report is based on data sourced by diverse methods, such as desk research, telephone interview, and network search. The data collected and compiled was variously sourced from telephone interviews, published magazines, journals, government statistics and CCM’s database, etc. Data obtained from various sources have been combined and cross-checked to ensure that this report is as accurate and methodologically sound as possible.

Major producers and distribution of maltodextrin were given and studied in this report. Major producers include Zhucheng Dongxiao Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Mengzhou Golden Corn Co., Ltd., etc.

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