Survey of Inorganic Fluoride in China

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This report is a value analysis of the inorganic fluoride industry in China, which covers the production, price, imports & exports, consumption of main inorganic fluoride products. Besides, forecast on the development trend of these products are analysed in this report.

China has become one of the largest countries of fluorine chemical production and consumption. At present, domestic inorganic fluoride industry is developing rapidly, and domestic high-end techniques for inorganic fluoride production are close to the international advanced level. However, many domestic manufacturers still produce low-end inorganic fluoride products. And some of the refined products, such as electronic grade fluoride, still rely on import.

At present, there is overcapacity in the inorganic fluoride industry. Capacity of low-end inorganic fluoride products continues to grow and low-level redundant construction is serious. Many enterprises suffer losses due to decrease in the price of low-end inorganic fluorine products and the intensified competition among enterprises. Cutting excessive capacity is an arduous task. Take anhydrous hydrogen fluoride as an example:

Anhydrous hydrogen fluoride is widely used in atomic energy, chemical industry, petroleum and other industries. From 2011 to 2017, China's capacity of AHF increased at a CAGR of 6.55% and the capacity utilization rate was only 56.25% in 2017. In recent years, the excessive investment in AHF industry has led to excess supply. Thus, many AHF producers in China have advocated cutting excessive capacity to reduce AHF overcapacity. It is estimated that the capacity of AHF will be reduced, and the capacity utilization rate of AHF will increase in the near future.

This report is based on data collected via diverse sources. The primary sources include interviews with industrial experts, key players in inorganic fluoride production. Various secondary sources include published magazines, journals, government statistics and CCM's database, etc. Data obtained from various sources have been combined and cross-checked to ensure that this report is as accurate and methodologically sound as possible.

Major producers of inorganic fluoride were given and studied in the report. Major producers include Dongyue Group, Do- Fluoride, Zhejiang Juhua, Zhejiang Sanmei, and Yingpeng Group, etc.

Scope of the report
Region scope: China
Time scope: 2011 to 2017
On the basis of inorganic fluoride type: anhydrous hydrogen fluoride, cryolite, aluminum fluoride, lithium hexafluorophosphate, potassium fluoride, sodium fluoride, ammonium fluoride, ammonium bifluoride

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