Price Analysis on 15 Pesticide AIs in China June 2016–September 2017

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Generally, prices of Chinese pesticides had been falling in 2016, and then rebounded in 2017. Since H2 2016, the recovery of international crude oil market has driven up the prices of related raw materials and intermediates of some pesticides. Besides, after two years of destocking, the pesticide inventory on overseas market was at a low level; in order to replenish the inventory, the overseas market witnessed an increasing demand for pesticides. In addition, the Chinese government carried out reforms on strengthening supply-side structural in pesticide production, leading to acceleration of the capacities shrinkage. What’s more, China has launched strict environmental policies. Specifically, in the first quarter of 2017, China has shut down those substandard pesticide enterprises and environmental protection equipments. In the second and third quarters of 2017, it is the traditional peak season for pesticide industry.

Affected by the decreasing supply of and rising demand for pesticides, and rising prices of the raw materials, prices of the products would continue to increase in the near future.

In this report, CCM will show you the prices of 15 pesticide AIs in the form of charts. Their price trends were not the same during June 2016–Sept. 2017. But what factors influenced their price trends? This report will be a good guide for pesticide companies who want to seek new opportunities in Chinese pesticide market.

For example, in the past few years, the price of mancozeb had been stable and the fluctuations were relatively small compared with that of other fungicides, as mancozeb manufacturers were more reasonable in responding to market changes and the impact of product supply and raw material prices on its price was not so large. However, the price changes may become large in the future. Currently, most mancozeb technical producers in China, including some large ones, have suspended their production due to the impact of intensifying environmental pressure, leading to a low operating rate on average and a short supply. This trend would continue in the short term and have certain influence on the product price. It's noteworthy that during June 2016–April 2017, the price of ethylenediamine, a key raw material used to make 90% mancozeb technical, was increasing largely. Accordingly, the ex-works price of 90% mancozeb technical went up, but at a small range. In May 2017–Sept. 2017, the price of 90% mancozeb technical rose at a large scale. Manufacturers of mancozeb technical kept very low operating rates for several months due to the impact of environmental inspections and there was a tight supply of the product.

If you are interested in finding out the price changes and the analysis of 15 pesticide AIs in China during June 2016–Sept.2017, you definitely find the right report—Price Analysis on 15 Pesticide AIs in China June 2016–September 2017, which consist of very important pesticides on the Chinese market.

Scope of the report

Region scope: China

Time scope: China June 2016–September 2017

Products scope: 15 pesticide AIs, containing methoxyfenozide, indoxacarb, pymetrozine, nitenpyram, thifluzamide, pyraclostrobin, azoxystrobin, trifloxystrobin, tricyclazole, cyazofamid, cymoxanil, famoxadone, mancozeb, cyhalofop-butyl and penoxsulam

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