Aspartic Acid Production & Market in China

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Produced from fumaric acid, L-aspartic acid is a kind of amino acid, which is widely used in food industry, medicine industry and chemical industry.

L-aspartic acid is mainly used to produce L-alanine, aspartame and medicines. L-alanine is an important pharmaceutical material which is used to produce vitamin B6 and some liver medicines. It can also be used in food industry as an edulcorator. Aspartame is the second largest downstream product of L-aspartic acid, and it is the most important synthetic edulcorator in the world, accounting for near 50% of market share in all kinds of the edulcorators. As the food industry and medicine industry is expanding rapidly all the time, the demand for L-aspartic acid from these two products will be driven greatly.

Besides, L-aspartic acid is also used to produce medicines such as amino acid transfusion and L-aspartate series of medicines.

Moreover, L-aspartic acid can be used to produce polyaspartic acid, synthetic resins, cosmetic and so on

Driven by the huge demand of its downstream products, the recent output of L-aspartic acid in China has kept increasing all the time, and the product quality is also improving greatly. More and more overseas companies start to import L-aspartic acid from China, its export volume has increased rapidly. The export volume in 2007 increased 15.51% compared to the previous year. It is estimated that the export volume will keep increasing in the coming few years.

Affected by the price of its raw material and the supply and demand situation of its downstream products, the price of L-aspartic acid is undergoing great changes recently and it is estimated that the situation will continue for a long time.

Because of environmental reasons, the production situation of fumaric acid will undergo even huger changes in the future, which will influence L-aspartic acid production greatly.

The detailed and in-depth analysis of China’s L-aspartic acid production and market situations are discussed in this report.

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