Glyphosate Market Research in China

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"Glyphosate, a broad-spectrum non-selective herbicide widely used to kill unwanted plants both in agricultural and in nonagricultural landscapes, has been in a leading position in the world's herbicides in the past few years.

Glyphosate witnessed the market downturn once again, with the price much lower than that in 2013 and 2014. Many Chinese companies suspended or stopped glyphosate production because of the low price as well as stricter environmental protection requirements.

The domestic IDAN route glyphosate producers once purchase IDAN to produce PMIDA and then glyphosate technical, but the situation changes along with the launch of Sichuan Hebang Biotechnology Co., Ltd.'s 135,000 t/a PMIDA. Some companies turn to purchase PMIDA to produce glyphosate technical under the situation of sluggish glyphosate market.

IDAN route shows a strong competitiveness compared to DEA route, but the former will face the challenge of possible price rise of natural gas in the future.

For your better understanding and decision making about the glyphosate market in China, CCM's report Glyphosate Market Research in China provides you the latest market information of China's glyphosate.

In this report, you will be able to find your answers as we will show you:

- Development trend of glyphosate technology;

- Development trend of glyphosate technical in China by three routes;

- China's export of glyphosate to Kazakhstan, Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus, 2011-2015

- Supply of glyphosate technical and formulations in China;

- Consumption structure of glyphosate in China;

- Herbicide consumption structure in China.

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