Chloroform Market in China

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This report is a value analysis describing the detailed production, consumption and influencing factors of chloroform in China, so as to guide investments and business movements for players who pay close attention to chloroform industry or try to find opportunities from it.
Chloroform is an important organic synthetic raw material and especially the main raw material of fluorine refrigerant.

Chloroform industry had developed fast in China since 1993. However, in recent years, the market of chloroform is depressed, the main reason for which is the elimination of HCFCs, including HCFC-22 used as non-raw material. HCFC-22 is the largest downstream product of chloroform. In 2013–2015, the fall in total consumption of chloroform resulted from HCFC-22's decreasing demand for chloroform in China.

According to the Montreal Protocol on Substances That Deplete the Ozone Layer, the output and consumption of HCFC-22 used as non-raw material in China was to be cut by 10% in 2015, 35.0% in 2020, 67.5% in 2025 and 97.5% in 2030. From 2030 to 2040, it will be fully eliminated except for a small amount for maintenance industry. And China has already cut 10% of HCFC-22 before 2015.

If there is no breakthrough development of downstream industries of chloroform, the demand for chloroform will face a downtrend.

For your better understanding and decision-making about the chloroform market in China, CCM's report Chloroform Market in China provides you the latest and key information of chloroform market in China.

In this report, we will show you:
-- Production of chloroform in China, 2013-2015
-- Major producers and distribution of chloroform in China, 2013-2015
-- Factors influencing supply and demand of chloroform in China and forecast, 2016-2020
-- Opportunities and investment suggestions

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