Value Chain Analysis of China’s Stevia Sweetener Industry

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Value Chain Analysis of China Stevia Sweetener Industry traces the movement of China's stevia sweetener value chain from stevia planting and stevia leaf supply to stevia sweetener extraction, purification, domestic consumption, trading and marketing companies, in terms of volume, price, and players involved. By analyzing the data of the whole value chain in 2013-2015, this study helps clients understand how the value chain has moved from the starting material to the end product, and the factors influencing the movement as well as trends for the future.

With this report, the readers can not only gain a comprehensive understanding about the movement of China's stevia sweetener value chain as a whole, but also gain an in-depth insight of how each link along this chain has changed, the major changes in 2013-2015 and trends in the coming three to five years, from the following perspectives:

- In terms of volume, from stevia planting area to stevia leaf, from leaf to extracted stevia sweetener and then to purified stevia sweetener;

- In terms player, volume flow and match from stevia leaf traders to producers of extracted stevia sweetener and purified stevia sweetener, and from producers to traders, and cooperation mode and relationship;

- In terms of price, the price changes and trends of from stevia leaf, extracted stevia sweetener and to purified stevia sweetener.

China has been the world's largest stevia sweetener supplier with the largest stevia planting area since 1997, and also a manufacturing center for stevia sweeteners. Chinese processors are cooperating with some well-known overseas companies and their market presence extends beyond its China's territories. Therefore, it is likely for China to maintain its position as a key supplier in the long term.

Compared to other countries participating in global stevia sweetener industry chain, China has a relatively complete industry chain.

CCM looks into China's stevia sweetener value chain from the three following segments:

- Raw material supply: including stevia planting area and stevia leaf output;

- Supply of target products: stevia sweetener extraction and purification;

- Trade and marketing of stevia sweeteners.

Because of the segmentation of stevia planting and stevia sweetener processing and the fragmentation of stevia planting, the stevia leaf supply is not exactly in consistent with its demand. The inconsistence between data of extracted stevia sweetener output calculated from stevia leaf output and the actual output data (domestic sales + export) is mainly attributed to two factors: the inventory of stevia leaves and extracted stevia sweeteners, and the time inconsistence of stevia leaf harvest and stevia sweeteners processing. How has the inventory level changed for China stevia leaf, extracted stevia sweeteners and purified stevia sweetener? What will the future trends for the inventory level of stevia leaf and stevia sweeteners be?

Each link of China's stevia sweetener value chain has its own characteristics and has undergone different changes in recent years. What are these changes and what will their future trends be?

CCM has conducted a value chain analysis to China's stevia sweetener industry to uncover the volume and price movement of stevia sweeteners from its starting material, to extraction, purification, sales in both domestic and overseas markets and factors influencing the movement, the flow from players of stevia seeding and seedling, to stevia planters and stevia leaf traders, to extracted and/or purified stevia sweeteners, and to traders and marketing companies of stevia sweeteners, as well as factors influencing the flow and their cooperation mode.

Value Chain Analysis of China's Stevia Sweetener Industry, finished in March 2016, is CCM's first edition report on the value chain analysis of China's stevia sweetener industry. This intelligent report has attached importance to the following parts:

- Stevia planting and stevia leaf supply, including planting area and region changes and trends

- Stevia sweeteners extraction and purification, covering capacity and output volume, product structure, producers, their changes and trends

- Export of Chinese stevia sweeteners, focusing on key features and trends of different types of distributors and traders

- Domestic consumption of stevia sweeteners: major types of stevia sweeteners used in China; major end uses and types of major end users, as well as their main characteristics

- Policies and regulations on China's stevia sweetener industry

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