Market Research on Creatine in China

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This report provides an overview of creatine's production, price, export, and consumption in China in 2014, covering survey findings on the following aspects: Who are the major producers and exporters of creatine in the country? How the historical product prices is and its trends will be? Who are the major downstream consumers? Which factors are influencing the decision of investing in creatine production?

Generally, capacity and output of creatine in China kept stable in 2013 and 2014, and the former has kept unchanged in 2015 so far. Actually, the production distribution has gone through some changes these years. Eastern China has been the dominant area for creatine production; meanwhile, the production has already expanded to western China. Producers in both areas have their own problems to be solved for keeping future development.

Along with the production expansion and entrance of new producers, price of creatine has shown a downtrend in the past three years, as both product supply and industry competition increased. Considering the increasing cost and joining of potential entrants, the creatine price in China is likely to keep stable in the coming few years.

In the future, the production scale will be enlarging, as new production lines can be tracked down. Industry competition will become stiffer in the future.

Most of China's creatine have been exported and in 2014 this proportion reached 70%, while most exported products are low-value raw creatine. In 2014, about 86% of them were shiped to North America and Europe, while the US was the largest export destination.

Sports supplement is the major downstream field of creatine, accounting for 95% of total creatine consumption in 2014. Overseas brands of creatine have been the mainstream in Chinese market of sports supplement. Overseas brands such as MET-RX, Muscletech, Optimum Nutrition, and Muscle Pharm have together taken about 80% of share in the domestic market. After extracting and packaging, these brands of creatine are more voluable than raw creatine. The distribution channel and product category of creatine are also investigated in this report.

The following data and analysis are unveiled in this report:

- Capacity and output of creatine in China, 2013-H1 2015;

- Production expansion from the east to the west and characteristics of producers in both areas;

- List of major producers and details including capacity & output (2013-H1 2015), general description of creatine production and other aspects;

- Historical price of creatine monohydrate in China in 2012-2014 and current price in the first eight months of 2015;

- Analysis of creatine export in China, 2014;

- Consumption pattern of creatine in China, 2014;

- Shares of major brands in China's sports supplement market and their distribution channels, 2014;

- Summary of production situation and suggestions on investments.

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