Macro Trends of China's Agrochemical Industry

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Agricultural production is of critical importance to China, a country having to feed more than 20% of world population with less than 10% of the world farmland. Knowing the challenges that China's agriculture industry has faced can help to better understand what macro factors that are influencing China's agrochemical industry:

Price of China's agricultural produces has exceeded that of imported products;

Production costs has been continuously rising;

Agricultural eco-environment has been worsening to an alarming level;

Shortage of agricultural resources like land, water, etc. has been increasingly visible.

Modernization of agriculture is the remedy that Chinese government has been taking to address these challenges, with the following targets:

To greatly promote the further processing of agricultural produces;

To try scale-economy at different levels in agricultural production;

To build an intensive, resource-saving and environmental-friendly agriculture industry;

To increase policy and capital support in agriculture sector;

To balance the overseas market and supply with domestic demand and production.

Under such context, the macro environment of China's agrochemical industry has undergone great changes:

Enhancing industry consolidation of agrochemical industry, mainly manufacturers and distributors;

Implementing of increasingly stringent environment regulations;

Rising labour cost;

A fast aging farmer population;

Land consolidation under way

Governmental support on agriculture under reform

What is the current status of these macro factors? What policies and measures Chinese government has taken to fasten the processes, or to deal with these trends? What are the impacts of these changes on China's agrochemical industry? How will these factors evolve in the future? What are China’s future policy trends?

In order to find answers to the above questions, CCM has carried out a study namely Macro Trends of China Agrochemical Industry, which has been just completed in April 2015.

The study covers the following aspects:

Consolidation of agrochemical manufacturers from the following perspectives: capacity and output changes of agrochemical industry, changes in the number of agrochemical manufacturers, government's steps and future plans to promote the consolidation, effect of consolidation on China agrochemical industry;

Consolidation of agrochemical distributors, including changes in the number of distributors, governmental role in agrochemical distributor consolidation;

Environmental regulations on manufacturing and selling of crop protection products, agrochemical manufacturers' reaction and government's attitude to current situation and future plan on environment regulations;

The influence of rising labor cost on agrochemical industry and forecast on the future labor cost;

Land consolidation of farms in China, including definition of different types of farms, their number and area changes, characteristics of land consolidation by region and by crop to confirm if mainly happening in certain area or crop, government policies to encourage land consolidation and outlook for area of different types of farms to 2016-2020;

Aging farmer population with key points of farmer age groups classification, their population changes, its effect on agriculture practices in China and measures taken by government to deal with the issue;

Governmental support in agriculture, to protect farming land area and to increase crop yield.

This report is helpful to those interested in China’s agrochemical markets, in detail:

Companies intend to cooperate or compete with China’s agrochemical companies;

Agrochemical and crop protection products producers targeting Chinese crop protection who look for enhancing their market presence or concentrating their business and strategies to a specific region;

Agrochemical end-users looking to outsource from China;

Analysts and consultants trying to gain insight into China’s fast-growing crop protection market and agricultural produces market;

Raw material suppliers of agrochemicals targeting China’s agrochemical industry;

Laboratory and academic institutes targeting Chinese agrochemicals;

Companies and research institutes to transfer its advanced technology and new quality crop protection products.

Research scope

This research covers major macro factors influencing the development of China's agrochemical industry: industry consolidation on manufacturers and distributors, environmental protection trends, rising labour cost, aging farmer population, land consolidation of China’s farms and governmental support on agriculture;

Region: China;

Time scope: 2010 to 2014, most data is about situation from 2010 to 2014 unless unavailable.

Research methodologies

Desk research from various publications, government organizations and associations related to China's agrochemical and agriculture industries;

Telephone interviews: experts with good knowledge of trends of macro factors influencing China's agrochemical industry.

Data Source

CCM's database

Published articles from periodicals, magazines, journals and third-party databases

Statistics from governments and international institutes

Comments from industry experts

Professional databases

Information from the Internet

The data have been combined and cross-checked to ensure that this report is as accurate and methodologically sound as possible. Throughout the process, a series of discussions was held within CCM to systematically analyze the data and information and draw appropriate conclusions.

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