Overview for New Pesticide Formulation Registrations in 2014

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Industry dynamics:
- This year, 2015, is the "Twelfth Five-Year" ending battle, while it is still far from the goal on environmental protection aspect in pesticide industry. In the background of publication of new environment protection law on April 24th, 2014, environmental scrutiny will be the key point in pesticide industry. In 2015, the environmental scrutiny extent will keep extending:
- Jiangsu Province will extend the environmental scrutiny to the whole pesticide industry, and a quarter of pesticide enterprises will face rectification.
- Zhejiang Province and Shandong Province will follow Jiangsu province’s step about the scrutiny.
- Glyphosate environmental scrutiny won’t be relaxed.

This recently-issued report analyzes the pesticide formulations registered in China in 2014 and aims to enumerate the year's best registered compounds and most active enterprises. Based upon the analysis of the pesticide formulation registration information from ICAMA, the specifics are piled as follows:
- 2,872 new registrations were filed by 797 registrants.
- Herbicides are different from the new technical pesticides in term of the registration in that they have the most heavily regulated standards; at the meantime, insecticides still occupies the majority of the new pesticide formulation registration in 2014, contributing 43.49% to the total registrations, namely 1,249 new registrations separately. Besides, herbicides and fungicides formulations got 826 and 726 new registrations respectively.
- Mixed formulations still took up a large proportion by product number, because 297 single formulations and 415 mixed formulations were approved in 2014.
- The entire 2,872 registrations were classified into 65 formulation categories. SC, WP, WG, EC and AS were the top five, accounting for 64.62% of the total.
- No high toxic pesticide formulation registrations were approved in 2014 and the statistics auditing confirmed that 80.71%of the registrations were of trivial toxicity.
- The 2,872 new registrations of pesticide formulations approved in 2014 in China could trace back to 797 companies. It is noteworthy that 24 companies have registered more than 15 new formulations.

In this report, new pesticide formulation registration cases in 2015 will be detailed in the following aspect:
- New registrations of pesticide formulations in 2014
- New registrations of insecticide formulations in 2014: an overview
- New registrations of fungicide formulations in 2014: an overview
- New registrations of herbicide formulations in 2014: an overview
- New registrations of plant growth regulator formulations in 2014: an overview
- Companies registered pesticide formulations in 2014

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