2014 China Acrylic Acid Report

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2014 China Acrylic Acid Report

Hot topic:
In 2014, China’s acrylic acid industry ushered peak in production again, which made the saturated acrylic acid market more crowded. Additionally, based on the plan, in 2015-2016, there will be a batch of new production capacity put into market. Why acrylic acid manufacturers are still actively building new production capacity under the oversupply situation? And what fields will support acrylic acid market in the future? In this report, CCM will give review of the economic environment, consumption structure, price trend and import & export of China’s acrylic acid industry in 2014 and further discuss the new grow points in China’s future acrylic acid industry.

In 2014, the average price of acrylic acid and ester remained a downward trend in China. However, this does not mean that the acrylic acid industry will not meet opportunity. Since H2 2014, the plunging international price of crude oil made contribution to the raw material costs of acrylic acid. In detail, the price of acrylic acid’s main raw material propylene dropped largely. However, the downstream market of China’s acrylic acid and ester did not show downturn. Its major consumption market, coating, performed well in 2014. In China’s petroleum chemical industry, coating enjoyed fastest growth in revenues of main businesses. According to the data released by the NBS, in Jan.-Nov. 2014, the revenues from the major businesses of China’s coating manufacturing industry accounted for 12% of the total, ranking second; besides, the grow of SAP also played a more and more significant role in supporting the acrylic acid market; what’s more, the influences of automobile coating industry on acrylic acid market is also strengthening.

What to report:
In the first part, CCM reviews the development history of China’s acrylic acid industry and analyzes the two main economic environment, real estate industry and coating industry influencing the acrylic acid market.
In the second part, CCM give analysis on China’s consumption structure of acrylic acid and ester in 2014.
In the third part, we discuss the downstream fields of acrylic acid industry which develop rapidly.
At last, we forecast the prospect of China’s acrylic acid industry and throw out some suggestions. 

Although in the short term, China’s acrylic acid industry will still under overcapacity, CCM considered that the downstream products of acrylic acid and ester will enjoy wide application involving every aspect of daily life. Chinese large population and its economic growth turning to domestic demand will bring more opportunity to the acrylic acid industry. In addition, China’s acrylic acid industry can coordinate the inner competition since its high concentration and large scales of enterprises can maintain the benign development of the industry.

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