Policy Review and Future Analysis of China's Coal Chemical Industry

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Hot topic:
In 2014, China’s coal chemical projects were put into production intensively and China’s coal chemical industry witnessed more controversy. Especially with the grim hazy weather in China, the Chinese government changed attitude to coal chemical industry. Coal chemical industry, once regarded as a goal mine, is facing unprecedented challenge. Since coal chemical industry is a policy oriented industry, the supports from government greatly influence its profits to a great extent. However, in view of series policies in 2014, the requirements of coal chemical industry were tightened. In this report, CCM reviews the policies and gives prospect on the future development of China’s coal chemical industry.

Since 2014, the rapid development of China’s coal chemical projects aroused great concerns on the ecological environment crisis.
In Jan. 2014, an accident happened in the Keqi SNG project of Inner Mongolia Datang International Keqi Coal-based Gas Co., Ltd. And it is disclosed that there were casualties caused by toxication and penetrating smell spread to the surrounding 60 km.
In June, the MEP announced to punish the enterprises with problems in desulfurization facilities and those enterprises should make rectifications before the end of 2014. Datang Energy Chemical Company Limited, the subsidiary of Datang International Power Generation Company was included. In Sept., the NEA issued a notic to restrict the excessive water consumption in the coal chemical industry. The reason was that some coal chemical projects in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region were suspended due to water shortage. Even the bellwether of China coal chemical Industry, China Shenhua (Baotou) Charcoal Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. used to be punished. Obviously, China’s coal chemical industry is surrounded by environmental protection problems. At the beginning, the investors only focused on the returns but attached less attention on environmental protection. It is believed that the pressure from public opinion will grow in the future.

What to report:
At this, CCM reviews the governmental policies on coal chemical industry in 2014 and analyses its reasons and influences. What’s more, CCM looks back on the China’s energy development in 2014.
Then, CCM focuses on the analysis of policies and plan for coal chemical industry, including technology standard of coal chemical industry, environmental protection laws, enterprise benefits and the national energy security strategy. Besides, CCM forecasts the main content of the 13th Five-year Plan of Coal Industry.
At last, CCM introduces the latest situation of CCS technology in China.

Chinese government will be more cautious to the coal chemical industry and improve the requirements for the existing coal chemical projects. Judging from relevant information, the planning goal of coal chemical industry will be lowered and the difficulty in the approvals of newly-added coal chemical projects will be raised.

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