Survey of Flame Retardants Industry in China

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-Hot topic: In 2014, many kinds flame retardant, which are regarded as either toxicity or being harmful to environment were banned. For example, HBCD was banned by the Stockholm Convention since November 2014. Besides, TDCPP and TCEP were included into the definition of “TRIS”, therefore, they were banned in New York in the application on kids’ care products. The consumption amount is heavily impacted by these news. However, it has to analyze from various aspects whether the consumption volume will drop or not. Like TCEP, it is widely used in plastic industry, coating industry and so on. Its multiple applied ways support its consumption. Accordingly, the forecast for each kind of flame retardant should take its all applications into consideration.

The price of flame retardant relies on supply to some extent. In 2014, the Ministry of Land and Resources of the People’s Republic of China canceled the exploitation quota towards antimony in 2014, which means the supply of antimony will increase since 2014. Besides, the supervision on antimony, as rare and strategic resource in China, would become more and restricted. Under these changes, the quality of antimony will be improved and the whole industry will be intensive. It is reasonable to hold positive expectation towards the development antimony oxides. Besides, as a non-halogen flame retardant, it also enjoys a bright future.

-Background: Flame retardant is necessary to apply in the plastic product, electric accessory, construction materials and textile products, with the function of prevent subjects from burning.  China started R&D of flame retardant in the 1960s and began the production and application in the 1980s. Currently, the consumption volume from China took up about 24% of the world flame retardant market. Besides, flame retardant is sensitive to the regulations and policies, which decide its bloom or doom. BFRs have experienced a long-tern development, due to its excellent fire-resistant function and low additive amount. However, along with the deeper study on safety of flame retardant and much attention to environmental protection, some new kinds of flame retardant came out with low toxicity and low smoke, like PFRs, ZB and so on. Moreover, a new trend of non-halogen has been more and more acknowledgeable, which gave birth to the rapid growth magnesium hydrate. Accordingly, flame retardant industry has been changing all the times. To follow the trend, a comprehensive report is necessary.

-What to report: In this report, major kinds of flame retardant are introduced elaborately, including BFRs, CFRs, PFRs, antimony compounds, aluminium hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide and others. Besides, the end-use segments are also analyzed in details by application, covering plastic, PCB, rubber, textile, coating, wood and paper. Besides, since flame retardant are sensitive to policies and regulations, which are also listed comprehensively in this report, from domestic and oversea. Moreover, the latest technology, key factors playing vital roles in flame retardant, forecast, investments environment analysis, conclusions and more than twenty flame retardant producers are included in this report.

-Purpose: The data from National Statistical Bureau and policies from official departments have been analyzed. It is helpful to know the current performance and make decisions on flame retardant.

Forecast: Flame retardant will enjoy a long-term and stable development in the future, with the trend of low smoke, low toxicity and non-halogen.

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