Supply and Demand of Modified Starch in China

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Hot topic of modified starch in China

-The trade of cassava and its derivatives is gonging well. The growth of export volume of cassava of Thailand increased by around 14%-18% year on year in 2013, after the increment of 11.9% year on year in 2012. In 2013, the import volume of cassava was mostly from Thailand, which capturing 68.9% of China’s total import volume in 2013. Besides, Thailand is the biggest import origin of modified starch for China. In 2013, China imported 209,772 tonnes of modified starch from Thailand. It was estimated that most of the modified starch from Thailand were cassava modified starch, matching the ample cassava resources of Thailand. The cultivation and output of cassava is supported by Thailand government. There is a policy for government, other than producer to buy cassava directly form farmer. The policy was implemented for twice, during February to June in 2012 and in March 2013 respectively. The prices were both higher than the market price by around 7%-8%, which not only benefiting farmer and ensuring the supply and export of cassava, but also benefiting Chinese producers of cassava processing industry. Producer of cassava modified starch will be one of them.

-The national standard of modified food starch has been discussed for quite a long time, since a producer used substandard modified food starch in food production in 2010. However, the National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People’s Republic of China (NHFPC) issued a standard for 14 modified starches. But since it was without operation details that it could not be implemented. After that, in 2011, Chinese modified starch committee got a mission from the NHFPC, the only authorized organ, to issue an exposure draft on modified food starch. But it did not effect. Finally, on 6th Feb 2013, the NHFPC issued a document called “Food Microbe Testing and Deputy Hemolytic Vibrio Inspection”, which included 13 safety standards for modified food starch. Till then, modified starch had national standards, which would lead modified starch industry to be mature.

-Background: After the soaring development of Chinese economy in the past decade, China, has become the second largest in modified starch production base worldwide, following the US. The output of modified starch in China reached 1.7 million tonnes and consumed 1.8 million tonnes in 2013, declaring the influence and potential of Chinese modified starch. Currently, Chinese economy is enduring the transition period, under the background of economic slowdown and over capacity, which bringing temporary pain. Like in modified starch industry, the growth rate was gone gently in last two years. But the next outburst is worth waiting.

What to report: In this report, production of modified starch, import situation in 2013, consumption of modified starch by applications in 2013 and the profile of major producers of modified starch were included. At the beginning, production was introduced by several parts, The first past was about the general situations in output and capacity, producers, price and technology. Following were the elaborated parts, including production of modified starch based on different raw material in China, and development trend of modifies starch, also based on different raw material in China. Different raw materials stood for corn, cassava and potato. Thirdly, import situation in 2013 would be analyzed from more than three different aspects. Fourthly, consumption was introduced, by specific applications, not only divided by modified starch applications, but also by modified food starch applications. Forecast on output and consumption of modified starch in 2014-2018 and company profile would come at end.

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